7 Useful Medicines You Can Find in Japan!

must buy drugstore medicines in Japan

Useful Japanese medicines to buy

Japanese medicinal products are known for best quality and effectiveness! Also there are many unique products that you may not find in your country, so why not to take a chance to purchase some of them while you are in Japan??

In case you are not sure what to buy or which one is good, this article may help you to get some ideas about Japanese medicinal products. Please have a look at the list of 7 very useful medicines which you can find at most of drug stores in Japan 🙂

If you need information about “Essential” medicines such as for cold, stomachache and so on, please check the link below!

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1. Ryukakusan Direct (龍角散ダイレクト)

Sore throat solutions: Ryukakusan Direct

Ryukakusan is throat lozenges commonly sold in Japan, but this upgraded powder version “Ryukakusan Direct” seemingly more effective to throats. Available with 2 different flavours: mint, peach, and tablet version in mango flavour.

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2. Sante Medical 12 (サンテメディカル12)

Sante Medical 12 eye drop for tired/red eyes

Eyestrain is a very common symptom in modern days, and Japan produces lots of eye drops for it. Out of 100s, my recommendation is this Sante Medial 12, which is slightly pricey than others but really effective. The drop contains 12 different active ingredients which will ease the strength on eyes.

3. PAIR (ペア)

Best selling acne cream: PAIR

PAIR is an acne treatment cream, especially for adult skins. The cream has moist but light texture, which is perfect for daily use.

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4. Sakamukea (サカムケア)

Protect small cuts and scratches with Sakamukea

Protect blisters on foot with Sakamukea

Very useful “liquid bandage” for small cuts or scratch. The transparent liquid bandage is light, dries quickly and stay on the place even in water.

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5. Konaien Patch (口内炎パッチ)

Special oral patch for mouth ulcer

Mouth ulcer could be more annoying than anything.. Konaien patch cures an ulcer effectively by sticking it directly on the diseased part.

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6. Kurokyua (クロキュア)

Kurokyua: the special treatment for black marks and old skin to reborn

Kurokyua is a special cream for blackheads and old hard skin on your body, removing old cuticle and helping to reproduce new skin.

7. Jueki Sheet (樹液シート)

Treat your feet with sheets with Hyaluronic acid

Foot care sheets are best way to relax your tired feet. Various kinds are sold but I have picked a new products which contains hyaluronic acid and shea butter, great for both relaxing and treatment.

These medicines can be found in most of drugstores or chemists in Japan. If you have any sort of similar symptoms, try these first!

For more useful information about travelling and shopping in Japan, check these links, too!

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