5 Helpful Travel Apps in Japan from Google Map Japan to Japan Travel by NAVITIME

Japan travel tips: 5 best apps in 2019

Japan is not so difficult as you think!! Really useful applications can solve most problems you worry about in Japan. Unfamiliar Japanese especially Kanji, complicated transportation system and streets without names. Don’t worry!!

SNS such as Facebook and Instagram are profitable to collect information from your friend and other people who have been to Japan. But I know those SNS apps are already installed in your device. Today, let me introduce 5 best helpful apps which will support your trip in Japan.

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1. Japan Travel by NAVITIME

As for a good navigator in Japan, Japan Travel by NAVITIME is the better travel app than any other navigators and online maps. You can easily find a perfect route to your destination and which train to get on and to change. It also offers the routes only by using train and Shinkansen applicable to Japan Rail Pass. Additionally, the app kindly suggests the number of platform and exit of stations. Even while offline, you can check the recents routes you have searched and find free WiFi spots.

Install Japan Travel by NAVITIME for iPhone: https://goo.gl/TPMHmK

Install Japan Travel by NAVITIME for Android: https://goo.gl/ZO0xyk

2. Google Maps

Needless to say, Google Maps is the famous online map. It will be the helpful partner while traveling in Japan. With the GPS function, it takes you to almost anywhere in Japan. Sometimes, you can’t search a particular place in English. In that case, translate the word into Japanese with the following app Google Translate and search it!!

Install Google Maps for iPhone: https://goo.gl/o3iqtr

Install Google Maps for Android: https://goo.gl/Ia47Fu

3. Google Translate

What are you worried about the most in Japan? Majority will answer this: Japanese especially Kanji. There may be no English or other foreign languages on street signs and restaurant menus. Don’t you give up ordering or buying something with difficult Japanese. It is too difficult to search Japanese words online. Apart from the ordinary translation function, the live “Word Lens” in the app will solve the problem. It can translate Japanese into other languages through the camera. Just try it!!

Install Google Translate for iPhone: https://goo.gl/OksDwg

Install Google Translate for Android: https://goo.gl/Axzcm9

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4. Japan ATM Navigation By Seven Bank, Ltd.

The number of stores and restaurants where you can use credit cards is increasing. But you can shop smoothly with some cash. ATMs served by Seven Bank allow you to withdraw cash with your international credit cards. There are over 19,000 Seven Eleven convenience stores in Japan and most of them have ATMs. With Japan ATM Navigation, it’s a piece of cake to reach an ATM. The AR function like Pokémon GO is available.

Install Japan ATM Navigation By Seven Bank, Ltd. for iPhone: https://goo.gl/uSQ3gn

Install Japan ATM Navigation By Seven Bank, Ltd. for Android: https://goo.gl/iipI3L

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5. GURUNAVI-Japan Restaurant Guide

Dining may be your biggest purpose you come to Japan. GURUNAVI is an easy restaurant searching app. You can search by areas, genres, prices and other options (such as English menus available and credit cards accepted.) Additionally, GURUNAVI offers discount coupons.

Install GURUNAVI for iPhone: https://goo.gl/26jVfB

Install GURUNAVI for Android: https://goo.gl/qgTlkW

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