Where to Stay in Naha : Okinawa Best Cheap Hotels

5 Best Cheap Hotels in Naha, Okinawa

Naha is the capital city of Japan’s southern tropical islands, Okinawa. The city is popular for sightseeing as there are numbers of tourist spots including historical monuments, museums and the shopping street. Naha is also the main hub in Okinawa with the Naha international airport connecting numbers of cities in Japan and abroad, and the large ferry port connecting to small remote islands of Okinawa.

Although Okinawa is best known for luxurious resorts on the seaside, there are also cheap accommodations which are suitable for backpackers. Naha has plenty of hotel options with various price range. Today, I have picked 5 hotels which are affordable, but with great qualities. So please check them out! 😉

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1. Guest House Okinawa Sora House

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Guest House Okinawa Sora House (ゲストハウス空ハウス) is a clean and comfy guest house located in the center of Naha City. Situated at the perfect location for sightseeing as it can be reached within 1 min from Miebashi Station, and 7 mins from Kokusai Dori Street, the busiest street of Naha City. The clean and cozy rooms are offered at very affordable rates: Dormitory from JPY 1800, Private room from JPY 2500 with shared bathrooms and kitchen.

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Rate: 1,800 yen~

Access: 1 min walk from Miebashi Station

Map: https://goo.gl/wzg9LF

Website: http://www.mco.ne.jp/~sora39/E-index.htm

2. GuestHouse KAINAN

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GuestHouse KAINAN (ゲストハウス開南) is a clean and friendly guest house located only 5 mins away from Kokusai Dori Street, and has numbers of shops and restaurants nearby. The guest house offers capsule type rooms with shared facilities, and the female only floor is available. Although the fixed room rate is 2,300 yen, they offer cheaper rates for early bookers.

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Rate: 1,500 yen~

Access: 15 mins walk from Miebashi Station

Map: https://goo.gl/wbgfGD

Website: http://gh-kainan.com/kainanENsite/ENGindex.html

3. Okinawa Prison

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Okinawa Prison is an entertainment accommodations which opened in late 2017. The prison themed hotel offers guests unique experiences as prisoners. Two types of rooms are available: The jail look alike dormitory rooms which are only for female guests and the luxurious condominium which up to 9 guests can stay. On the 5th floor, there is a prison themed restaurant serving unique and delicious dishes. Okinawa Prison is located in the central area of Naha City, and only 3 mins away from Makishi Station

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Rate: 2,000 yen~

Access: 3 mins walk from Makishi Station

Map: https://goo.gl/pgEXep

Website: https://www.okinawaprison.com/en/home

4. Hotel Stork

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Hotel Stork (ホテルストーク) is a popular budget hotel located in the heart of Naha City. The hotel offers compact yet clean and comfy private rooms with own bathroom at very affordable rate suitable for solo or couple travellers. Great access to numbers of shops, restaurants and 10 mins walk to Kokusai Dori Street and the nearest train station (Omoromachi Station).

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Rate: 3,000 yen~

Access: 10 mins walk from Omoromachi Station

Map: https://goo.gl/gVtx31


5. Guest House My Place

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Guest House My Place is a cozy and friendly budget guest house in Naha City. It’s an ideal accommodations for those who plan to visit remote islands such as Tokashiki or Zamami since it’s located within a short distance from Tomarin’s north wharf, where numbers of speed boats terminate. Also hotel guests can get special discounts for marine activities. From economical dorms to private rooms, various types of guest rooms are available.

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Rate: 1,500 yen~

Access: 15 mins walk from Miebashi Station

Map: https://goo.gl/vBMY34

Website: https://www.myplace-guesthouse.com/aboutmyplace

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