3 Best Free Observation Decks in Shinjuku, Tokyo

Best FREE Shinjuku Observatories

Watching a city view from a high-rise building is one of top attractions you should not miss in Tokyo. There are numbers of observation decks in various areas, offering spectacular overlook views of the city. While most of observatories charge admission fees, did you know there are some places where we can enjoy the city view for FREE??

Today, I’m going to introduce free observatories in Tokyo’s neighbourhood which is best known for skyscrapers and bright neon lights at night. Yes, SHINJUKU indeed! Enjoy the priceless view without spending money!

1. Tokyo Metropolitan Government Buildings

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Buildings (東京都庁) is the headquarters of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the building itself is one of the coolest skyscrapers in the city.

There are two observatories at north and south towers of the building, both are 202 m above the ground and absolutely free to enter. Offering a breathtaking close-up view of Shinjuku area and a glance of Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Skytree and Mt.Fuji. This is one of the most popular spots in Tokyo, so remember you may have to queue for a bit.

Map: https://goo.gl/pJzDiL

Access: 1 min from Tochomae station OR 10 mins walk from Shinjuku station West Exit

Hours: 9:30–23:00 (The South Observation Deck closes at 5:30 pm)

2. Shinjuku Nomura Building

Shinjuku Nomura Building (新宿野村ビル) is a 209 m high skyscraper which features restaurants, shops, clinics and offices.

There are restaurants at 49th and 50th floors, where great food and romantic views of Tokyo can be enjoyed. The observatory is located at 50th floor offering gorgeous view of Shinjuku area and north-west Tokyo. When the sky is clear, the view of Mt.Fuji can be seen, too. The observatory is small but usually not busy as it’s quite unknown!

Map: https://goo.gl/N7mjEC

Access: 7 mins walk from Shinjuku Station West Exit

Hours: 7:00~24:00 (Weekdays)/8:00~23:30 (Weekends and holiday)

3. Busta Shinjuku

Busta Shinjuku (バスタ新宿) is a large bus terminal which opened at the south exit of Shinjuku Station in 2016, connecting a huge number of long distance buses to many destination all over Japan.

It might not be as spectacular as other skyscrapers’ observatories, however the spacey pedestrian deck at 3F of the building offers a charming view of some of icons at Shinjuku district such as Takashimaya Times Square and Docomo Tower. And the deck can be accessed anytime for 24 hours.

Map: https://goo.gl/n1w3Fx

Access: 2 mins walk from Shinjuku Station South Exit

Hours: 24 hours

These 3 pots are really close to each others, so you can easily visit all at once 😉 For more information in Shinjuku area, please check out these articles listed below, too!

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