Where to get Flu Vaccine in Tokyo with English Speaking Staff?

Available to get Flu Vaccine in Tokyo Station

In the last two years, with the emergence of COVID-19 and its high mortality rate at the beginning, we have focused only on that disease and have somewhat forgotten the other existing viruses. But they are still there. 

In 2020 and 2021there were very few cases of flu worldwide, including Japan. The graphs showed a huge drop in flu infections compared to other years, probably due to the extra preventive measures that were being taken because of the emergence of a new, more lethal virus. However, according to The Japanese Association for Infectious Diseases in 2022 the number of reported cases in Australia increased from the latter half of April, and the number of patients has exceeded the level of previous years, making medical care tightening an issue.

This is happening now as many countries are slowly trying to return to pre-pandemic normalcy, returning to free movement, non-use of masks, etc.

The Japanese Association for Infectious Diseases also reported that in 2021-2022 Europe and the United States will see an epidemic caused mainly by a type of flu virus known as Influenza A. In China Influenza A is also increasing this year, and from the cases detected in Australia approximately 80% were Influenza A.

In Japan, the use of masks and hand alcohol is still widespread, but undoubtedly there is also a relaxation of the measures by the government so is likely a similar epidemic may occur in Japan this fall or winter. To try to prevent that,  The Japanese Association for Infectious Disease is recommending taking the flu vaccine.

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Where to get Flu Vaccine in Tokyo with English Speaking Staff?

In Japan, it is customary for many companies to pay for a medical check-up for their permanent employees between November and December, and some companies include the flu vaccine in their medical examination. However, since last year there has been a shortage of vaccines in many clinics and hospitals. Companies pay their employees for the flu vaccine, but they have to get it on their own.

But because of the shortage, it can be difficult to find a clinic or hospital with vaccines available. Some hospitals have a small amount of vaccines per day, and it is administered on a first-come, first-served basis. In addition to this difficulty, for some foreigners there is also the problem of language, when they aren not fluent in Japanese (and even less so for medical terms).

Luckily there are always clinics that make things easier. If you are looking for a place to get vaccinated quickly and efficiently and without communication problems in Tokyo, the best choice is MARU By Tokyo Business Clinic.

MARU By Tokyo Business Clinic locates in Tokyo Station TEKKO Building and can be reached by phone in English whenever necessary. The vaccine costs 3,900 yen (which is the standard price in Japan), and there is no need to make a reservation as they only accept walk-in customers. They can also issue receipts, statements, and medical certificates in English (in case you need to submit it to a internacional insurance company, etc.). And you can pay with overseas insurance and cards.

MARU By Tokyo Business Clinic

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