10 Best Ryokan in Tokyo

Best Ryokan to Stay in Tokyo

Are you looking for places to stay in Tokyo? There are several types of accommodations available in Tokyo, such as hotel, guest house, rental apartment, capsule hotels, and so on with a wide price range.

To have the most authentic and traditional stay experience, it’s highly recommended to stay in one of Ryokan while travelling Japan. Ryokan is Japanese style accommodation with traditional rooms with tatami floor, providing Japanese cuisine and warm hospitality. Some of them have onsen bath with hot spring water. It’s one of the best ways to immerse yourself in Japanese culture.

While Ryokan style inns are often located in countryside, some of them can be found even in the urban city Tokyo. In this article, I’m going to introduce 10 selected Ryokan in Tokyo. Let’s check them out!

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1. Sawanoya (澤の屋)

Sawanoya (澤の屋) has been chosen as the best ryokan in Japan by TripAdvisor for several years since they have been welcoming visitors across the world with their warm and friendly hospitality for many years. Sawanoya offers small but comfortable traditional Japanese rooms. It’s located in a downtown area of Tokyo close to Ueno station. The ryokan offers a lot of tourist information for their guests.

Price per night: 6,900 yen~

Official Website: http://www.sawanoya.com/

2. Edo Sakura (江戸さくら)

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Opened in June 2013, Edo Sakura (江戸さくら) is a Japanese Machiya (traditional townhouse) style accommodation designed by the architect-owner itself. Edo Sakura offers a choice of traditional Japanese rooms or Western bed rooms. There is a tea room where they offer guests Japanese tea ceremony experience. The ryokan also consists of traditional Japanese dining room, lounge with garden and private bath. It’s located near Iriya station and easy access to Ueno or Asakusa area.

Price per night: 17,500 yen~

Official Website: https://www.tokyoedosakura.com/en/

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3. Homeikan (鳳明館)

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Homeikan (鳳明館) is a long-established ryokan inn with over 120 years history. They have three accommorations all located in Bunkyo-ward (Honkan, Daimachi Annex and Morikawa Annex). Homeikan’s traditional and retro Japanese wooden building has been designated as Listed Tangible Cultural Properties in 2001. Guests can enjoy rustic and nostalgic atmosphere in a heart of Tokyo with affordable rates.

Price per night: 7,000 yen~ (breakfast included)

Official Website: http://www.homeikan.com/

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4. Kimi Ryokan

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Kimi Ryokan (貴美旅館) is one of the most popular places to stay among backpackers. The ryokan decorated with traditional Japanese touches offers simple Japanese style rooms with tatami floor and futon beds. There is a cafe where you can stop for coffee and sandwich. It’s conveniently located near Ikebukuro Station which is a great area for shopping, dining and entertainments.

Price per night: 7,000 yen~

Official Website: https://www.kimi-ryokan.jp/

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5. Onsen Ryokan Yuen Shinjuku

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Onsen Ryokan Yuen Shinjuku (由縁 新宿) is a stylish modern Japanese ryokan that is ideally situated in Shinjuku area, one of the best locations to set your base in Tokyo. The interior of the ryokan incorporates traditional Japanese furnishings, and express the beauty of Japan throughout. On the top floor, guests can enjoy the open-air hot spring bath transported directly from Hakone with an overlooking view of Shinjuku area. There is Teppan cuisine restaurant where you can be indulged with seasonal ingredients from all over Japan.

Price per night: 11,000 yen~

Official Website: https://www.uds-hotels.com/en/yuen/shinjuku/

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6. Ryokan Asakusa Shigetsu

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Ryokan Asakusa Shigetsu (浅草 旅館 指月) is a long-established ryokan inn which has been in business for over 80 years. It’s situated very close to Nakamise-dori, the shopping street within the temple complex of Sensoji. They offer simple and cozy tatami room as well as western style room with a bed. There is a Japanese cypress bath with sweeping views of Tokyo Skytree and Senso-ji Temple’s five-storied pagoda.

Price per night: 17,000 yen~

Official Website: http://www.shigetsu.com/en/index.html

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7. Ryokan Kamogawa Asakusa

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Ryokan Kamogawa Asakusa (旅館 加茂川 浅草) is a small ryokan inn conveniently located in the heart of Asakusa area and near Sensoji Temple and Nakamise Street. They offer 10 cozy rooms with tatami in various sizes as well as a Japanese style bathroom that can be hired privately for free for guests. The ryokan provides information about various Japanese cultural experiences around Asakusa area.

Price per night: 18,000 yen~

Official Website: https://www.f-kamogawa.jp/index.html

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8. Onyado Nono Asakusa

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Onyado Nono Asakusa (御宿 野乃 浅草) is a ryokan with hot spring bath located in Asakusa area. They have traditional Japanese tatami rooms but with beds, which is great if you don’t feel comfortable with sleeping on futon mattress typically provided in ryokan. Guests have access to their spa with communal baths with natural hot spring water with the unique, dark colour and filled with minerals as well as sauna rooms. A restaurants is also available on site.

Price per night: 28,000 yen~

Official Website: https://www.hotespa.net/hotels/nono_asakusa/english.html

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9. Onsen Ryokan Yuen Bettei Daita

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Onsen Ryokan Yuen Bettei Daita (由縁別邸 代田) a traditional Japanese inn located in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo. The 4-star accommodation offers a luxury and relaxing experience like visiting countryside hot spring while being in city center. Like Yuen Shinjuku, they also have onsen bath with hot spring water brought from Hakone. In addition, the women’s bath has a mist sauna, and the men’s bath has a dry sauna and cold water bath. There is also a Japanese cuisine restaurant as well as a teahouse.

Price per night: 28,000 yen~

Official Website: https://www.uds-hotels.com/en/yuenbettei/daita/

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10. Hoshinoya Tokyo (星のや東京)

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Hoshinoya Tokyo (星のや東京) is a stylish and luxury ryokan that opened in Tokyo in 2016. The 5-star accommodation offers the finest stay experience with modern yet traditional design, elegant and comfortable rooms and great hospitality. It’s situated in an excellent location in city center and Tokyo Station is in walking distance. It’s definitely one of the finest places to stay in Japan.

Price per room per night: 140,000 yen~

Website: https://hoshinoya.com/tokyo/en/

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In the following article, we have compiled information on various types of accommodations in Japan, including hotels and traditional Ryokan. With our Japan Accommodation Guide, find the perfect lodging experience for you!

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