5 Best Ryokan in Tokyo

Best Ryokan to Stay in Tokyo

There are several types of accommodations available in Tokyo, such as hotel, guest house, rental apartment, capsule hotels, etc with wide price range. But I’d highly recommend to choose Ryokan to stay while you are in Japan. Ryokan is Japanese style accommodation, providing traditional room, food and warm hospitality. It’s a great place to experience Japanese culture.

Here are 5 selected Ryokan style accommodations in Tokyo

1. Sawanoya (澤の屋)

Sawanoya (澤の屋) has been chosen as the best ryokan in Japan by TripAdvisor for several years, since they have been welcoming foreign visitors with their warm and friendly hospitality for many years. Sawanoya offers small but comfortable traditional Japanese rooms. It’s located in a downtown area of Tokyo close to Ueno station. Free LAN internet available.

Price per person per night: 5,400 yen~

Official Website: http://www.sawanoya.com/

2. Edo Sakura (江戸さくら)

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Opened in June 2013, Edo Sakura (江戸さくら) is an accommodations in a Japanese Machiya style townhouse designed by the architect-owner. Edo Sakura offers a choice of traditional Japanese rooms or Western bed rooms, traditional Japanese dining, tea room, courtyard and public bath. It’s located near Iriya station and Ueno Station is a 15-minute walk away. Free Wi-Fi available.

Price per room per night: 15,500 yen~

Website: https://www.tokyoedosakura.com/en/

3. Homeikan (鳳明館)

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Homeikan (鳳明館) has 3 accommodations in Tokyo, all located in Bunkyo-ward which is not far away from Ueno area. Homeikan retains traditional and retro Japanese wooden buildings for a half century, which has been designated as Listed Tangible Cultural Properties in 2001. Guests can enjoy rustic and nostalgic atmosphere in a heart of Tokyo with affordable rates. Free Wi-Fi available.

Price per person per night: 6,500 yen~ (breakfast included)

Website: http://www.homeikan.com/

4. Sukeroku no Yado Sadachiyo (助六の宿 貞千代)


Sukeroku no Yado Sadachiyo (助六の宿 貞千代) is a traditional Japanese-style ryokan filled with Ukiyoe art and antiques, offering great atmosphere of Edo period. With additional charge, guests can enjoy traditional Japanese breakfast and dinner. It’s located only 3 mins away from Asakusa station and very easy to access to many tourist attractions. Free Wi-Fi available.

Price per person per night: 14,100 yen~

Website: http://www.sadachiyo.co.jp/

5. Hoshinoya Tokyo (星のや東京)

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Newly opened in 2016, Hoshinoya Tokyo (星のや東京) is a ryokan style luxury accommodation, offering a traditional yet modern rooms with excellent hospitality. Located in the best location in Tokyo and Tokyo station is walking distance from Tokyo station. It’s definitely one of the finest places to stay in Tokyo. Free Wi-Fi available.

Price per room per night: 77,000 yen~

Website: https://hoshinoya.com/tokyo/en/

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