MENYA MUSASHI: the Legendary Ramen in Shinjuku, Tokyo

Shinjuku Restaurant Guide-vol.4: MENYA MUSASHI

Menya Musashi (麺屋武蔵) is one of the most delicious ramen restaurants in Tokyo. The restaurant originally opened its flagship store in Shinjuku in 1996, and now there are over 10 chain stores in Tokyo metropolitan areas. Among thousands of Ramen stores in Tokyo, Manya Musashi has managed to take one step further with their significant rich and substantial bowls of Ramen, and now it’s known as one of the most legendary Ramen stores in Japan.

Menya Musashi’s ramen is made with the perfect blended soup with chicken, pork and fish broth which creates rich and aromatic flavour. The bowls of Ramen can not be completed without significant generous toppings such as chunks of pork belly and a half-boiled egg. Ramen dishes are also available in Tsukemen style (dipping noodle).

As I mentioned, currently there are over 10 stores of Menya Musashi in central Tokyo, and each store offers original menu. If you love the taste of Menya Musashi in Shinjuku store, why don’t you visit a few more stores in Tokyo??

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How to reach: 4 mins walk from JR Shinjuku West Exit

Hours: 11:00~22:30

Budget: 1,000 JPY

Genre: Ramen, Noodle

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