McCafe by Barista Sweets and Drinks of McDonalds Japan

Unique Sweets and Drinks of McCafe in Japan

McDonald’s Japan is a favorite of many for its unique burgers menu that suits every people in Japan. And the increasingly successful McDonald’s in Japan also built a cafe that offers unique sweets and drinks like coffee and other beverages that you can only see and taste in Japan.

Many foreign visitors are amazed at the unique menus that McDonald’s has in Japan and that’s why they can’t resist tasting it while traveling here, it is also one of the restaurants here in Japan where many local Japanese and foreign family bond.

In this article, I will share with you the unique sweets and drinks offered at McCafe by the Barista of McDonald’s Japan. You will be amazed by the taste and think you are in a specialized cafe like Starbucks. And their new release of unique sweets and drinks is offered for a limited time only.

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McCafe by Barista of McDonald’s Japan

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McCafe by Barista is a cafe chain operated by McDonald’s that originated in Melbourne Australia in 1993. The year 2007, when the chain expanded to Japan boosted more consumers by offering healthier soup and sandwiches and traditional coffee. On April 2011, the introduction of McCafe “Special Coffee” in about 2,500 restaurants across Japan was completed.

McCafe by Barista is a cafe corner available at some Mcdonald’s restaurants. They offer different kinds of sweets and drinks on their menu for a limited time that matches the season every year such as authentic coffees, cakes, and other cold beverages and desserts made from high-quality ingredients.

A cozy cafe where you can enjoy and experience the good ambiance as if you were in an expensive cafe. Over 170 locations have the McCafe by Barista; most of which are located in airports, train stations, amusement parks, and other selected restaurants. However, some products are not available at all restaurants.

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Limited Edition

Every year, McCafe releases new products depending on the season. They offer different kinds of sweets and drinks for a limited time only. And now, McCafe by Barista is offering the following sweets below.

1. Macaron Salted Caramel

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Macaron Salted Caramel (マカロン 塩キャラメル) is a sandwiched crispy macaron dough with cream that allows you to enjoy the flavor of almond and caramel cream with a smooth blend and salty flavors.

2. Macaron Houji Cha

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Macaron Houji Cha (マカロン ほうじ茶) is a macaron sandwiched in crispy and crunchy macaron dough with hojicha cream. Moderate sweetness, moist and soft texture inside that allows you to enjoy the flavor and aroma of hojicha cream.

3. Banana Roll Cake with OREO cookie

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Banana Roll Cake with OREO cookie (オレオ® クッキー バナナロールケーキ) is a cake roll with the characteristic difference between the crunchy texture of Oreos and the fluffy sponge cake with banana-flavored cream cocoa.

4. GODIVA Chocolate Frappe and Macaron Chocolate

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The Godiva Chocolate Frappe & Macaroon Chocolate (ゴディバ チョコレート フラッペ&マカロン チョコレート) is a cold drink topped with macaron chocolate. Chocolate frappe, whipped cream with whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and chunky chocolate on top, you can enjoy the aroma of cocoa and chocolate.

5. GODIVA Chocolate Frappe

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The Godiva Chocolate Frappe (ゴディバ チョコレート フラッペ) is a rich chocolate cold drink combination of Belgian dark chocolate syrup and chunky chocolate made from Belgian couverture chocolate. With whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and chunky chocolate on top, you can enjoy the aroma of cocoa and chocolate.

Regular Menu

Additionally to the products just mentioned, there are some unique items on their regular menu such as the following.

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Choco Frappe with Oreo Cookie

Choco Frappe with Oreo Cookie (オレオ® クッキー チョコフラッペ) perfectly combines the bitterness of the chocolate flavor and whipped cream. Frapped with oreo cookies and chocolate sauce. Chocolate flavor and cocoa with whipped cream on top.

Uji Matcha Frappe

Uji Matcha Frappe (宇治抹茶フラッペ) is a Japanese-style frappe made of unique matcha powder the Uji matcha from Kyoto. Matcha and milk mix create the moderate sweetness and rich taste of matcha.

Mango Smoothie

Mango Smoothie (マンゴースムージー) is made with the rich sweetness of Alfonso mango puree. A cold smoothie drink with a richness of fruity taste.

Espresso Frappe

Espresso Frappe (エスプレッソフラッペ) which you can enjoy the aroma and taste of coffee with the creamy sweetness of whipped cream.

Choco Frappe

Choco Frappe (チョコフラッペ) is a frappe made with rich chocolate flavor and whipped cream blended with ice and covered with whipped topping and chocolate sauce.

Green Smoothie

Green Smoothie (グリーンスムージー) is a refreshing smoothie drink made with fruit and vegetable juice blended with crushed ice. Healthy drinks for your cravings.

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Oreo cookies and cream roll cake

Oreo cookies and cream roll cake (オレオ® クッキー ロールケーキ) is a cake roll characteristic is a difference between the crunchy texture of Oreos and the fluffy sponge cake with a slightly bitter cocoa flavor.

Marshmallow Cream Tart

Marshmallow Cream Tart (マシュマロクリームタルト) is a cake with two textures of chewy marshmallow and crispy tart dough on its sweet-smelling crust layered with almond cream, chocolate ganache, and roasted marshmallow cream on top.

Chocolate Tart

Chocolate Tart (チョコレートタルト) has a crust that is layered with chocolate ganache and chocolate mousse with cocoa powder and chocolate chunks on top.

Tea Chiffon Cake

Tea Chiffon Cake (紅茶のシフォンケーキ) is made of earl grey tea leaves blended with fluffy sponge dough and smooth whipped cream that melts in your mouth. The moderate sweetness of the cake and the strong aroma of the tea are good in pairing with other drinks.


Sandwiched crispy macaron with cream inside that allows you to enjoy the different flavors of chocolate, vanilla, and raspberry.

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Every season, some of the menus change and there is some menu that is not available in other stores; It depends on the area and the stores. Thank you for reading. For more related articles you can visit the article below.

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