Keisokuji: Temple with Gorgeous Red Carpet in Autumn

Keisoku-ji Temple is one of the best autumn leaves spots in Japan!

One of the best autumn destinations in Japan! Keisoku-ji Temple is the abandoned temple which has the most gorgeous approach . Visit the temple and and walk down the red carpet!

Keisoku-ji Temple (鶏足寺) is an old temple founded in 735, and it’s located in Nagahama City, Shiga Prefecture.

The temple was closed and abandoned after the end of Edo Period, however it’s been managed and maintained by local residents, and it’s now one of most important cultural properties and popular tourist attractions in the prefecture.

The temple fascinates most visitors during autumn foliage season, and it’s known as one of most spectacular autumn sceneries in Japan.

Keisoku-ji Temple can only be observed from outside, but the best part of the temple is not itself but the approach to the temple. The approach is made with stone paved stairs lined with approx 200 maple trees. During autumn, the trees turn into warm colour, and cover the stairs with deep red leaves as they fall down from mid to end November.

While majority of tourists visit Kyoto to enjoy autumn leaves, the neighbour prefecture, Shiga also has numbers of great viewing spots and they are usually much less crowded!

-Keisoku-ji Temple (鶏足寺)


Access: Take a bus from JR Kinomoto Station (10 mins), then get off at “Kobashi” stop and walk 15 mins

Best time for autumn leaves viewing: mid to end November

Hours: 9:00~16:00

Admission: 200 yen during autumn leaves season (15 to 30 November)

*Please note that the entry to the mountain is strictly prohibited after the dusk, as it may become dangerous.

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