How to Get to Tokyo Station from Narita Airport Terminal 1

Get out of Narita Airport ASAP for your efficient trip!!

Get out of Narita Airport ASAP for your efficient trip!!

When you arrive at Narita Airport, you are not in Tokyo in fact. To get out of the airport smoothly, check how to get to the center of Tokyo in advance. This article introduces the ways to go to Tokyo Station from the Terminal 1 of Narita Airport.

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We highly recommend buses to tourists who are not used to Japan’s transportation system. It’s much easier, reasonable and takes not so much time. Go to bus counters to check if they are available around your arriving time. There are some bus counters on the arrival floor (1F).

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First Bus: 6:10

Last Bus: 23:25

How long: about 1 hour

How much: JPY1,000


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Trains of the airport are served by two companies: Japan Railway (JR) and Keisei Electric Railway. Both trains take you to Tokyo Station, but you don’t need to change trains by using JR. The entrance of Narita Airport Terminal 1 Station is located on the first basement.

JR Narita Line and Narita Express

First Train: 6:52 (everyday)

Last Train: 23:00 (everyday)

Platform №1 and 2

How long: 55 mins (Narita Express)

How much: JPY1,320-2,820

*If you take local trains, it will take more time but cheaper.

Keisei Line and Keisei Skyliner (Express)

First Train: 5:17 (weekdays)/5:16 (weekends)

Last Train: 23:03 (everyday)

Platform №1 to 3/№4 and 5(Keisei Skyliner)

Change trains at Nippori Station to JR Yamanote Line (Platform №10)/JR Keihintohoku Line (Platform №9)

How long: 40 mins (Keisei Sky Liner) + 11 mins (JR Yamanote/Keihintohoku Line)

How much: JPY1,400-2,630

Do you know you can get your Keisei Liner e-ticket between Narita and Tokyo in advance? You don’t need to hassle to purchase train tickets at the airport.

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*If you take local trains, it will take more time but cheaper.

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