Harajuku Gyoza Lou: Popular Gyoza Dumplings in Harajuku

Harajuku Gyoza Lou: Gyoza Restaurant

Gyoza (pan-fried stuffed dumpling) has originally come from China, but it’s a hugely common dish in Japan. Harajuku Gyoza Lou (原宿餃子楼) take their pride to serve the best quality Gyoza in town as they have only two dishes on their menu, Gyoza (pan-fried) and Sui Gyoza (steamed) each of them cost only 290 JPY for 6 pieces. As it’s really popular, the shop might be usually lined up but they serve very quick!


How to reach: 3 mins walk from Meiji Jingumae station

Hours: 11:30~4:00 am (next day)

Budget: 1,000 JPY~

Genre: Gyoza

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