28 Meat Restaurants Complex in Shibuya: Niku Yokocho

Shibuya’s best dining spot for meat lovers

Shibuya is one of the most visited towns by international travelers in Tokyo. The bustling town is also known for nightlife with various dining options from popular Japanese food sushi and ramen to bars and Izakaya (Japanese style pub). In other words, however, there are too many restaurants to pick out for your dinner. Today, here is an amazing dining spot in Shibuya for meat and drink lovers: Niku Yokocho (肉横丁).

Niku Yokocho, which means Meat Izakaya Alley in Japanese is popular among Tokyoites for two reasons. Firstly, it is located in the Shibuya’s largest tourist site Center-gai Street (センター街) where people can enjoy shopping and eating a variety of food.

Chitose Kaikan Building

In addition to that nice location, the nightlife spot houses 28 restaurants on two floors (2F and 3F) of Chitose Kaikan Building. They offer quite a few kinds of meat from beef and pork to chicken and horse. Each meat restaurant serves meat in their ways such as Yakiniku (Japanese BBQ style), Yakitori (chicken skewers), fried and even raw meat.

You can experience the dream collaboration with sushi and meat, which is known as Nikuzushi. Sushi is not topped with only fish these days. If you try the new Japanese food, it is recommended to have a dinner at Nikutengoku (肉天国) or Nikuzushi (肉寿司).

Karaage and beer at Yoi-no-Sora (宵の空)

Personally, I really like eating Karaage (Japanese style fried chicken) with beer at Yoi-no-Sora (宵の空). The nice restaurant offers Karaage all-you-can-eat deal for only 100 yen.


Access: 5 mins walk from Shibuya station (JR/Tokyo metro/Keio Inokashira Line)

Hours: Depends on restaurants (the earliest 16:00 to the latest 5:00 of the next day)

If you visit Shibuya in the evening, how about looking for Niku Yokocho on Center-gai Street. For more info about Shibuya, check these articles below.

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