Enjoy Cherry Blossoms in Autumn in Japan

Obara Shikizakusa Festival: enjoy viewing cherry blossoms in Autumn

Japan is visited by millions of travelers from all over the world in spring for beautiful cherry blossoms. However, only few people know some cherry blossoms bloom in autumn in Japan. Here are the introductions of two species of cherry blossoms you can enjoy viewing in autumn: Shikizakura and Fuyuzakura, and where the best spots are. Let’s grab the chance to see both cherry blossoms and autumn leaves at the same time.


Shikizakura (which means all-season cherry blossoms in Japanese) has the best time to view in November while it blooms once in Spring. There are approximately 10,000 trees in Obara District (小原町) in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture. With a little luck, you can find beautiful view mixed with cherry blossoms and autumn leaves. The Obara District holds Shikizakura Obara Shikizakusa Festival in every November.

Obara Shikizakusa Festival 2020
Season: TBA (early to late November)
Hours: 9:00–16:00

Fuyuzakura (Winter cherry blossoms)

© 神川町観光協会

Fuyuzakura, a winter cherry blossom, is also famous for cherry blossoms blooming between Autumn and Winter. Why don’t you visit at Jomine Park (城峯公園)? It is located in Saitama Prefecture. Fuyuzakura starts to bloom in October and is lit up during the best season. You can enjoy the Fuyuzakura cherry blossoms with the light-up at Jomine Park until early December.

Therefore, it is strongly recommended to plan to view cherry blossoms in autumn and winter in Japan if you miss them in Spring.

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