Disney Summer Festival 2018 is Coming to Tokyo Disneyland!!

Disney Summer Festival 2018 is special with the 35th anniversary of Tokyo Disneyland

Summer festivals: one of the most attractive events in Japan is summer. The most visited amusement park in Tokyo, Tokyo Disneyland, will hold the Disney version of the Japanese traditional culture event as “Disney Summer Festival” in summer from 10th July to 2nd September, 2018.

Tokyo Disneyland has a variety of seasonal events throughout the year, and its summer festival Disney Summer Festival has been one of the most popular and exciting events since it started in 2012.

Additionally, in 2018, Tokyo Disneyland offers the special event Tokyo Disney Resort 35th “Happiest Celebration!” celebrating the 35th anniversary of the grand opening of Tokyo Disneyland Park in 1983. So you can experience the more special Disney Summer Festival in this summer!!



Tokyo Disneyland offers various entertainments with the theme of summer. Sansui! Summer Beat (燦水!サマービート) is the symbolic performance of Disney Summer Festival. The Disney characters including Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse perform with Disney songs arranged in the summer festival style played on traditional Japanese musical instruments. The stages splash water on the audience. Clap with the beat and get wet!!

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During the summer festival season, marching bands play drums and flutes dressing up for the Japanese summer festival playing.


At night, you can enjoy the gorgeous spectacular show “Celebrate! Tokyo Disneyland” with fantastical atmosphere. Dynamic projection mapping on Cinderella Castle, bright and colorful fountains and lighting the night sky. Experience the miraculous journey story with Mickey Mouse!!


Tokyo Disneyland offers special seasonal merchandises during Disney Summer Festival 2018.


Stuffed Disney Character / 1,700 yen


Left: Sheet Protectors / 500 yen

Middle: Bath Towel / 3,000 yen

Right: Rice Crackers / 1,100 yen


Left: Case for a Box of Tissues / 2,800 yen

Middle: Cushion / 3,000 yen

Right: Headband / 1,900 yen


In addition to the regular food menus, the summer-themed dishes are sold in the park. Enjoy the summer festival with cute and delicious food!


Left: Seafood Rice Bowl / 2,800 yen

Middle: Burger Set / 980 yen

Right:Sandwich Set / 1,050 yen

Photo Spots


There are exclusive photo spots decorated with summer-themed items in the park. The plaza in front of Cinderella Castle is one of the most photogenic spots presenting a Japanese summer festival with Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy playing Japanese drums and Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck and Clarice playing Japanese bamboo flutes.


The 35th anniversary Mickey Mouse statues “Happiest Mickey Spot” are located in each themed section of the park. Don’t miss them as well as summer-themed spots.

Disney Hotel

Tokyo Disney Resort offers the special plan of the official hotel for Disney Summer Festival. Tokyo Disneyland Hotel and Disney Ambassador Hotel serve you with the special meals with the theme of the Japanese summer festival.

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Disney Summer Festival
Location: Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo Disneyland will also provide summer-themed food and souvenirs in summer. Another Disney park in Tokyo DisneySea holds the summer event “Disney Pirates Summer”. How about visiting both of the Disney parks in this summer? For more info about Tokyo Disney Resort and summer in Japan, check these articles below!!

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