Tempura Daikokuya : Long Established Tempura Restaurant in Asakusa, Tokyo

Tempura Daikokuya in Asakusa is one of the oldest restaurants in Tokyo established in 1887

The long established Tempura restaurant in Asakusa, Tempura Daikokuya ( 大黒家天麩羅) has been running their business since 1887, and been considered as the best place to eat Tempura dish in Japan. Their significant dish is “Tendon” (tempura on rice bowl) has been made with the same recipe passed for 5th generation now. The crispy deep-fried Tempura is covered with delicious homemade sweet soya sauce. Don’t miss a chance to taste the authenic Tempura dish which hasn’t changed for over 100 years!!

Tempura Daikokuya is located in Asakusa area, the popular tourist area known as the historical capital in Tokyo.

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<<Tempura Daikokuya ( 大黒家天麩羅)>>

MAP : http://bit.ly/2EF81Ig

How to reach: 5 mins walk from Asakusa station Exit 1

Hours: 11:10~20:30

Budget: 1,000 JPY~

Genre: Tempura

Website: http://www.tempura.co.jp/english/index.html

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