Art Aquarium Museum Ginza Christmas 2023

Art Aquarium Museum Ginza Goldfish Merry Christmas

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Art Aquarium Museum Ginza is an art museum that displays installation works and sculptures with goldfish tanks and colourful lights. It’s located inside the department store Ginza Mitsukoshi new building.

The venue has been a top tourist attractions in Tokyo today as visitors can experience the ever-changing exhibition created by swimming goldfish and the effects of light and sound. If you are into digital art such as teamLab or NAKED exhibitions, you will definitely Art Aquarium Museum Ginza!

In 2023 Christmas season, Art Aquarium Museum will host a special event “Goldfish Merry Christmas 2023”, turning the entire venue into Christmas mood with special Christmas-theme decoration and light-ups. The event will be held from 23 November to 27 December 2023, offering an immersive Christmas theme art space of goldfish with the blend of Japanese and Western styles.

Let’s check out some of the highlights of the captivating Christmas event at Art Aquarium Museum this winter!

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A space lined with the lantern shaped aquarium installations will be transformed into a winter look with Christmas illuminations and snow Globes. You can experience the Christmas story in the fantasy space as you pass through a small tunnel surrounded by ornaments, lanterns and goldfish.

Goldfish Corridor

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The Goldfish Corridor is illuminated by the Herrnhut star, a symbol of Christmas decorations. The space that represents the corridors in Japanese temple and shrine architecture will be also specially decorated for Christmas. The gentle stars shine down on the corridor lined with the sparkling fish tanks with Christmas colours and create a fantasy space of winter.

Goldfish Collection

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The Goldfish Collection is turning to a winter theme with the special decorations of art flowers, white birch and snowflakes with sparkling crystals as well as Christmas wreaths.

Goldfish Waterfall

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The waterfall inspired artwork will express the arrival of winter that occurs in Japan’s nature environment using icicles hanging down from the waterfall and glitters pouring into the waterfall where goldfish are swimming.

A Show of Kingyo [New Version]

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This artwork allows you to appreciate the goldfish peeking out to the surface of the water from above. The colourful goldfish swim in a fish tank decorated with Christmas theme, expressing the beauty of winter.

Goldfish Bamboo Forest

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The Goldfish Bamboo Forest appears after passing through the tunnel of Teitourium. The space lined with the bamboo inspired cylindrical fish tanks will feature a Christmas tree with goldfish swimming at the foot of the tree.

Greeting with Christmas trees and a snowy scenery

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As you enter the venue, you will be greeted by the scenery with Christmas trees that leads you to the fantasy world of Art Aquarium where goldfish dance and swim.

-Art Aquarium Museum Ginza


Access: Direct Access from Ginza Station

Hours: 10:00~19:00

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