Chureito Pagoda: The Best View Point of Mt Fuji

Capture the Picturesque Scenery of Mt Fuji at Chureito Pagoda in Arakurayama Sengen Park

Added to the UNESCO World heritage sight on 2013, Japanese highest mountain Mt Fuji has been one of the most popular tourist attraction in Japan. Mt Fuji proves that a mountain is not only for climbing but the view of itself is also the great enjoyment. If you want to capture the best view of the mountain, Chureito Pagoda in Yamanashi Prefecture is indeed the best place to visit. Here is why.

Chureito Pagoda in Arakurayama Sengen Park

The Chureito pagoda was not as popular as now before. Several foreign magazines and books featured the pagoda as their covers to represent “the authentic view of Japan” and it has become well-known internationally in the last decade. Mt.Fuji, the red pagoda and cherry blossoms in one picture, this is almost the perfect picture to present Japan which many would imagine.

As many foreigners started to know about this pagoda, it became a very popular tourist destination. Surprisingly, it’s better known to foreign visitors than Japanese!

This beautiful red pagoda is located at Asakura Sengen Shrine within the site of Arakurayama Sengen Park in Yamanashi Prefecture, where over 650 cherry blossom trees are planted.

Arakura Sengen park is located in a half way of the mountain summit. The shrine’s main hall stands at the foot of the mountain and to reach the symbolic red pagoda, there are 398 steps to challenge yourself.

After climbing tough steps, here is a great red pagoda. The photo point is right behind the pagoda.

Mt.Fuji with a red five storied Pagoda and overlook view of Fuji Yoshida city. On top of it, if you catch the moment, the cherry blossom may be a big enhancer. The view can be enjoyed all year around but cherry blossom season is obviously the best time!


Address: 3353, Arakura, Fuji Yoshida city, Yamanashi

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