7 Best Strawberry Buffets in Tokyo 2019

Best All-You-Can-Eat Strawberry Dessert Buffets in Tokyo in 2019

Japanese strawberries are in season from winter to spring, and we can enjoy delicious Japanese strawberries in various styles at many restaurants and cafes. One of the most popular ways to enjoy delicious strawberries is strawberry dessert buffet which is held at restaurants of famous hotels in Japan. Especially in Tokyo, numbers of hotels offer their original delicious, creative and colourful strawberry dessert buffets. Cakes, chocolate, parfait, etc, various kinds of strawberry desserts can be enjoyed with all-you-can-eat style at the buffets. If you love sweets, you shouldn’t definitely miss strawberry buffet in Tokyo during the season! In this article, I’m introducing must-visit strawberry dessert buffets in Tokyo in winter/spring 2019!

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1. ANA InterContinental Hotel Tokyo

Sweethearts Strawberry and Ruby Dessert Buffet

Date: 15 January to 26 April 2019

Copyright: ANAインターコンチネンタルホテル東京

One of Tokyo’s most prestigious hotels, ANA InterContinental Hotel Tokyo hosts a strawberry dessert buffet annually. In 2019, The Sweethearts Strawberry and Ruby Dessert Buffet ( 苺&ルビーチョコレートのスイーツブッフェ) will be held at Campagne Bar (3F) featuring about 32 delightful desserts with fresh and juicy strawberries and Ruby Chocolate, the 4th type of chocolate which became a sensational hit worldwide last year. Along with the colourful and photo-worthy strawberry desserts, 13 savory bites and various kinds of coffee and tea can be enjoyed with all-you-can-eat style.

Map: http://bit.ly/2QYjlFf

Location: Champagne Bar 3F ANA InterContinental Hotel Tokyo

Hours: 11:30〜13:00/13:30〜15:00/15:30〜17:00/17:30〜19:00/19:30〜21:00

Price: 4,600 yen (Weekdays)/5,600 yen (Weekends and Holidays)+Tax and Service Fee

2. The Strings by Intercontinental Tokyo

Strawberry & Godzilla Lunch Buffet

Date: 1 January to 31 March 2019

Copyright: TM&ⒸTOHO CO.,LTD./ストリングスホテル東京インターコンチネンタル

Celebrating the release of the new movie, “Godzilla: King of the Monsters” on 31 May 2019, The Strings by Intercontinental Tokyo is holding a special Godzilla themed strawberry lunch buffet “Ichi-Godzilla” (「イチ・ゴジラ」ランチブッフェ). The buffet includes 30 kinds of food and 20 kinds of Godzilla themed strawberry desserts, which are created by the collaboration of the hotel’s executive pastry chef and the film production, TOHO Co., Ltd. The lunch and strawberry desserts buffet is served with coffee and tea, and free flow drink (White, Red and Rose Wine) can be added with extra charge (1,500 yen).

Map: http://bit.ly/2CHORyp

Location: The Dining Room 26F The Strings by Intercontinental Tokyo

Hours: 11:30~13:00 / 13:30~15:00

Price: 5,000 yen (90 min, Weekdays)/6,000 yen (90 min, Weekends)+ Tax and Service Fee

3. Grand Hyatt Tokyo

Strawberry Afternoon Tea Buffet

Date: 7 January to 10 March 2019

Copyright: グランド ハイアット 東京

Grand Hyatt Tokyo is a luxurious hotel located in the heart of Tokyo. Strawberry Afternoon Tea Buffet (ストロベリー アフタヌーンティー ブッフェ) is held at The French Kitchen on 2F of the hotel. The selection of sweet and savory bites at the buffet are supervised by the award-winning pasty chefs in the hotel. Along with the strawberry desserts, the buffet also features a pink ruby chocolate fountain which you can dip fresh strawberries. The all-you-can-eat buffet is served with tea and coffee.

Map: http://bit.ly/2Rjbr8T

Location: The French Kitchen 2F Grand Hyatt Tokyo

Hours: 15:00~17:30

Price: 3,800 yen (Weekdays)/ 4,200 (Weekends&Holidays)/5,800 yen (with a glass of Champagne)/7,200 yen (with free-flowing Champagne)

4. Hilton Tokyo

Strawberry CATS Collection

Date: 26 December 2018 to 28 May 2019

Copyright © Hilton Tokyo

When it comes to buffet, Hilton Hotel Tokyo is one of the top choice as numbers of themed buffets are held at the hotel’s specious lounge, the Marble Lounge through the year. This winter-spring, Hilton Tokyo offers the cute and unique strawberry buffet, Strawberry CAT Collect (ストロベリーCATSコレクション) which features delicious and colourful strawberry sweets with cute and adorable Parisian cats. About 30 kinds of colourful and creative strawberry desserts are lined at the buffet tables with the company of fluffy and adorable cats, and some of desserts are actually themed with cats. 100% Instagram-Worthy!

Map: http://bit.ly/2LILDxA

Location: Marble Lounge 1F Hilton Tokyo

Hours: 14:30 to 17:00/15:00 to 17:30

Price: 3,900 yen (Weekdays)/ 4,050 yen (Weekends and Holidays) + Tax and Service Fee

5. Hotel New Otani Makuhari

SATSUKI Delicious Buffet ~Amaou~

Date: 12 January to 21 April 2019

Copyright © New Otani Co., Ltd.

The premium strawberry dessert buffet, SATSUKI Delicious Buffet ~Amaou~ (SATSUKIデリシャスビュッフェ~あまおう~) is held at Hotel New Otani Makuhari. There are about 15 kinds of desserts at the buffet. This might be smaller number than buffets introduced above, however the strawberry desserts on this buffet are all made with Amaou strawberries, which is pretty high-end. Amaou is a premium brand of Japanese strawberry from Fukuoka which is often described with 4 features: Red, Round, Plump and Sweet. Amaou strawberry is significantly juicy and has remarkable sweet and enchanting aroma. Delicious Amaou desserts can be enjoyed with all-you-can-eat style. The strawberry buffet is held only on weekends and holidays from mid January to late April, and available during lunch and dinner time

Map: http://bit.ly/2EZVu1l

Location: All Day Dining SATSUKI 1F Hotel New Otani Makuhari

Hours: Lunch 11:30 to 13:10, 13:40 to 16:00 / Dinner 17:30 to 19:10, 19:40 to 22:00

Price: Lunch 5,000 yen / Dinner 6,500 yen + Tax and Service Fee

6. Hilton Tokyo Odaiba

Kira Kira ★ Ichigo Dream

Date: 20 December 2018 to 17 March 2019

Copyright © Hilton Tokyo Odaiba

Hilton Tokyo Odaiba offers the most trendy and flashy strawberry dessert buffet, Kira Kira Ichigo Dream (Glittering Strawberry Dream/ きらきら★いちごドリーム) with the retro and cool 80s & 90s disco theme. The buffest features about 35 strawberry desserts and savory dishes which are decorated with colourful neon lights and “lame but cool” decorations. Guests can enjoy not only delicious strawberry desserts, but also taking photos of these colourful and eyepopping dishes.

Map: http://bit.ly/2F0voeG

Location: Seascape Dining 2F Hilton Tokyo Odaiba

Hours: 15:00 to 16:30 (90 mins)/Express buffet 16:45 to 17:30 (45 mins)

Price: 3,580 yen (Weekdays), 3,980 yen (Weekends)/Express buffet: 2,480 yen, 2,880 yen + Tax and Service

7. The Westin Tokyo

Strawberry Dessert Buffet

Date: 7 January to 30 April 2019

Copyright: © 2019 Marriott International, Inc.

The Westin Tokyo is a luxurious 5-star hotel in the heart of Tokyo. The international buffet restaurant, The Terrace is situated on 1F of the hotel hosts a classic strawberry dessert buffet annually. The buffet features creative and inspirational strawberry desserts with a fusion of Japanese and Western styles. The unique thing about this buffet is that the menu is changing every month, and in total about 100 kinds of desserts are served within 4 months. In each month, strawberry desserts are served with fresh and seasonal themes and ingredients. The buffet is available only during week.

Map: http://bit.ly/2LH2ocj

Location: The Terrace 1F The Westin Tokyo

Hours: 15:00 to 17:00

Price: 4,200 yen + Tax and Service Fee

Did you enjoy the list?? Which strawberry dessert buffet in Tokyo do you want to visit most?? Strawberries are definitely one of the best seasonal specialties in Japan around this time of the year, so don’t miss to try delicious desserts with juicy strawberry 🙂

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