Where to Stay in Shibuya

Best Hotels in Shibuya, Tokyo

Shibuya is a popular tourist destination in Tokyo where visitors can enjoy shopping, eating and partying all night long! It’s also one of the most popular areas to stay in Tokyo as most of hotels are surrounded by shops and restaurants. Shibuya is one of the most convenient areas to travel around. Today, we have listed 7 most popular hotels in Tokyo selected by real travellers!

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1. Dormy inn Premium Shibuya Jingumae

Dormy inn Premium Shibuya Jingumae (ドーミーインプレミアム渋谷神宮前) is located at Tokyo’s coolest neighbourhood, between Shibuya and Harajuku areas. Also the hotel has a great access to some of tourist attractions such as Cat Street, Meiji Shrine and Yoyogi Park.

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2. Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel

Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel (セルリアンタワー東京) is one of the most renowned high-end hotels in Tokyo, which is located near Shibuya Station. The hotel offers luxury guest rooms, facilities and top-notch service as well as the spectacular view of Tokyo City.

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3. Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu

Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu (渋谷エクセルホテル東急) is the most accessible and convenient hotel in the are, which is directly connected with Shibuya Station above the popular shopping mall, Mark City.

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4. Shibuya Granbell Hotel

Shibuya Granbell Hotel (渋谷グランベルホテル) is a modern and stylish hotel located within 3 mins from Shibuya Station. The cool designer hotel is a perfect choice for fashion and trend lovers!

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5. Shibuya Tobu Hotel

Shibuya Tobu Hotel (渋谷東武ホテル) is a long-established hotel which has been newly renovated in 2015. The hotel is located in the very convenient area in Shibuya, surrounded with many shops, malls, restaurants and cafes.

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6. Shibuya Hotel EN

Shibuya Hotel EN (渋谷ホテルエン) is a cool designers hotel in a backstreet of Shibuya. The unique and artistic hotel is popular among hipsters.

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7. Sakura Fleur Aoyama

Sakura Fleur Aoyama (桜フルール青山) is a cosy and homey hotel with an authentic and pretty European decor. Only 5 mins away from Shibuya station, and easy to access to Aoyama and Harajuku which are the most fashionable and sophisticated area of Tokyo.

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If you are staying at the hotel in Shibuya area, you should definitely enjoy the big nightlife in the neighbourhood! Shibuya is one of the best areas in Tokyo to enjoy drinking 😉 For deeper experience, join the bar hopping tour with a local guide!! Drink at hidden bars and Izakaya like locals, and enjoy drinks and delicious Japanese bar food!

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