5 Best Tempura in Tokyo

Michelin Star Tempura Restaurants in Tokyo

One of the most beloved Japanese dishes, Tempura is hugely popular all around the world nowadays! If you are travelling to Japan, this is one Japanese dish that you should definitely try. Tokyo has numbers of Michelin starred Tempura restaurants and most of them are quite pricey but they are totally worth. In this article, I have listed some of the best Tempura restaurants in Tokyo! Try Tempura in another level only in Tokyo!

**Please note that all these 5 restaurants are almost impossible to get a seat without booking in advance!

1. Tempura Kondo

Has been known as the best Tempura restaurant in Tokyo, Tempura Kondo (てんぷら近藤) is a long established Tempura restaurant located in Ginza area, serving traditional yet creative dishes. The restaurant has received two Michelin star in 2016. Meet the perfection of Tempura by the 50 years experienced chef Kondo!

Access: 3 min walk from Ginza station

Hours: Lunch 12:00~13:30, Dinner 17:00~20:30 (closed on Sundays and Holidays)

Budget: Lunch 8,000 yen~, Dinner 10,000 yen~

Phone: 03–5568–0923

Book your seat at Tempura Kondo here!

2. Uchitsu

The true hidden gem, Ten Tempura Uchitsu (天てんぷら うち津) is a fine Tempura restaurant located Hiroo area (near Ebisu). Uchitsu fascinates guests by their dishes with selected ingredients, and the luxurious interior and excellent service. The restaurant received two Michelin stars in 2014.

Access: 5 min walk from Hiroo station

Hours: 18:00~23:00 (closed on Sundays)

Budget: 20,000 yen~

Link: http://www.tempura-uchitsu.com/ (Japanese)

3. Tempura Motoyoshi

Small but mighty, Tempura Motoyoshi (天ぷら 元吉) is a Tempura restaurant with a counter table and 9 seats, located in Aoyama area. Motoyoshi received 1 Michelin star and it’s one of the top rated restaurants on Japanese gourmet website Tabelog. Make sure to book in advance!

Access: 3 min walk from Gaienmae station

Hours: Lunch 12:00~14:00 (Saturday Only and 8 guests limited) / Dinner 17:30~20:30, 20:30~25:00 (Monday to Friday), (Closed on Sunday)

Budget: 10,000 yen~

Link: http://www.motoyoshi-1120.com/ (Japanese)

4. Mikawa Zezankyo

With the passion for creating perfect Tempura dishes and over 30 years experience, the chef Saotome in Mikawa Zazenkyo (みかわ是山居) is praised as one of the best tempura chefs in Japan. The restaurant received 1 Michelin star and it’s one of the highest scored restaurants on Tabelog.

Access: 8 min walk from Monzen nakacho station

Hours: Lunch 11:30~13:30, Dinner 17:00~21:30 (closed on Wednesday)

Budget: Lunch 10,000 yen~/ Dinner 15,000 yen~

Link: https://mikawa-zezankyo.jimdo.com/(Japanese)

5. Fukamachi

Tempura Fukamachi (てんぷら 深町) was founded by the experienced chef, who used to be a head chef at the tempura restaurant in HILLTOP HOTEL for 34 years. HILLTOP HOTEL’s tempura restaurant is well known for serving VIP and piblic figures for many years. The traditional Edo style Tempura dishes are served at Fukamachi.

Access: short walk from Kyobashi station

Hours: Lunch 11:30~13:30, Dinner 17:00~20:30 (Tuesday to Friday), Lunch 12:00~14:00, Dinner 17:00~20:30 (Weekends and Holidays), (Closed on Mondays and 1st&3rd Sundays)

Budget: 10,000 yen~

Phone: 03–5250–8777

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