5 Best Soba Restaurants in Tokyo

Restaurants in Tokyo where you can enjoy the best quality Soba noodles

Soba is, along with “Sushi”, “Tempura”, and “Unagi”, one of the foods that represent best what traditional Japanese cuisine is all about. When you think about Japanese noodles, the first thing popping in your head is most likely “Ramen”. But the truth is that Soba has a much longer history within Japan, making it a must-try food for any visitor. Soba is made of buckwheat flour, which gives it a very distinctive flavor and scent. There are various ways of eating Soba depending in the region, but the most common ways of enjoying Soba are; “Mori/Zaru Soba” (boiled, cold soba eaten with a dipping sauce) and “Kake Soba” (Soba served in a bowl of hot, clear broth).

Here are 5 of the most popular and recommended Soba restaurants for you to enjoy this traditional dish at its best.

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1. Kanda Yabu Soba


Kanda Yabu Soba (かんだやぶそば) is a long-running restaurant that has been in business for over 100 years. The historic building that was built in 1880 was unfortunately burned down by a fire a few years ago. But after this, the restaurant was renovated, and now it is as if it’s brand new, while still retaining its traditional feel. The restaurant is surrounded by lots of vegetation, providing a relaxing environment while being in the middle of the city.

Seasonal foods are used to accompany the Soba noodles, which means that depending on the season you go, the menu differs. Other than Soba, the restaurant also offers “Udon” and a variety of side dishes that go perfectly with Sake or beer, in case you happen to feel like drinking during this experience.

Even though the restaurant is quite large having 97 seats, on the weekends it tends to get full, so we recommend for you to make reservations beforehand.

<< Click HERE to make a reservation for Kanda Yabu Soba >>

Map: https://goo.gl/maps/1Nt6WDKqL7S2


3-minute walk from Awajicho station (Tokyo Metro “Marunouchi Line”)

3-minute walk from Kanda station (Tokyo Metro “Ginza Line”)

5-minute walk from Kanda station (JR Lines)


Thursdays to Tuesdays: 11:30 am to 8:30 pm

(Closed on Wednesdays)


Lunch: 1,000 ~ 1,999 Yen

Dinner: 2,000 ~ 2,999 Yen

2. Yuan Yamori

Yuan Yamori (由庵 矢もり) is a relatively new Soba noodle restaurant, having opened in 2014. The restaurant has a capacity for 10 people (6 counter seats and a private room for 4). This means that you will be able to enjoy your Soba in a quiet and cozy environment.

The owner has an incredible love for Soba, and it is reflected in the perfection that is the Soba that he prepares.

The Soba noodles used in Yuan Yamori are completely made by hand as opposed to using machines. And the cool thing is, noodles are prepared right in front of you! You will not only enjoy the exquisite flavor of the course menu but also learn every step of how the Soba noodles are made.

The restaurant received a Michelin Star at just one and a half years of opening. If you want to have a meal in this restaurant, you will have to make reservations beforehand.

Map: https://goo.gl/maps/86WiMa5JakR2


5-minute walk from Tsukishima station (Toei “Oedo Line”)


Mondays to Saturdays: 6 pm to 10 pm

(Closed on Sundays and Holidays)

※ Important note: Reservation is required

Budget: 8,000 ~ 9,999 Yen

3. Sasuga

Ginza Sasuga Rin (銀座 sasuga 琳) is also a relatively new restaurant but has already received a Michelin Star, making it another strong contender in this list.

Not only they are serious when it comes to making their Soba, but they are also very committed to their Udon noodles as well (which are also handmade). If you can’t decide whether to choose the Soba or the Udon, that’s ok. There is an option to choose half and half, so you can enjoy both.

The restaurant is spacious and has an elegant feeling. No matter if you come alone, with a co-worker, date, or even with the whole family. You will be well-received with the finest of services. For drinks, they offer a good selection of Sake, Champagne, and French Wine. And a nice variety of side dishes to accompany.

Map: https://goo.gl/maps/z4Di1cXvu9u


3-minute walk from Takaracho station (Toei “Asakusa Line”)

5-minute walk from Kyobashi station (Tokyo Metro “Ginza Line”)


Tuesdays to Fridays: 6 pm to 11 pm

Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays: 12 pm to 9 pm

(Closed on Mondays)


Lunch: 1,000 ~ 1,999 Yen

Dinner: 4,000 ~ 4,999 Yen

4. Kanda Matsuya

© Kanda-Matsuya Since 2007

Opened for the first time in 1884, Kanda Matsuya (神田まつや) is one of the longest-running Soba restaurants in the area. You will be able to notice this with the nostalgic atmosphere the restaurant emits, which is one of the attractive points of this place.

The recommendation is their “Teuchi Soba” (Handmade Soba). You can enjoy cold noodles with the traditional dipping soup or with an original sesame soup (which is very popular). You can also enjoy the noodles in a warm soup in both the traditional way or with 2 large shrimp Tempura on top.

If you liked the Soba noodles and can’t get enough of it, you are lucky because you can buy to take home.

As opposed to the other restaurants in this list, Kanda Matsuya does not take reservations.

Map: https://goo.gl/maps/sa9HCkDcpLo


2-minute walk from Awajicho station (Tokyo Metro “Marunouchi Line”)

4-minute walk from Kanda station (Tokyo Metro “Ginza Line”)

7-minute walk from Kanda station (JR “Chuo Line”)


Mondays to Fridays: 11 am to 8 pm

Saturdays and Holidays: 11 am to 7 pm

(Closed on Sundays)


Lunch: ~ 999 Yen

Dinner: 1,000 ~ 1,999 Yen

5. Ueno Yabu Soba

Opened in 1892, this is yet another Soba restaurant with an impressive history. Ueno is an area where you will find lots of long-running restaurants. But what makes this restaurant stand out from the others, is that the Soba noodles they use are exclusively handmade.

The outer appearance of the restaurant doesn’t look that different compared to the restaurants around, but you will be surprised by the quality and taste of the Soba noodles that have been passed throughout the generations.

If you are not in a hurry, you might want to try the “Sobagaki”, which is like “mochi” balls made out of buckwheat. Since they start preparing it from scratch when you order it, it takes a while. But it is an experience you won’t be able to have in many places.

Another great thing about this restaurant is its location. If you happen to have plans to visit Ueno, it will be easy to incorporate going to this restaurant.

Map: https://goo.gl/maps/cQaJuGDrxVk


3-minute walk from Ueno station


Thursdays to Tuesdays: 11:30 am to 9 pm

(Closed on Wednesdays and the day after each Holiday)


Lunch: 1,000 ~ 1,999 Yen

Dinner: 1,000 ~ 1,999 Yen

Hope you enjoyed this list of 5 of the most highly-rated soba restaurants in Tokyo. Even if they all specialize in the same “Soba noodles”, each restaurant has its own recipe for making the noodles, which makes a huge difference. And each of the restaurants has their unique atmosphere and history, which adds to the Soba tasting experience. I hope that by reading this list, you start considering on trying out one of these fabulous Soba restaurants. Or why not, go and try all of them!

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