Best Photo Spots at Tokyo Station

Where to Take the Best Shots of Tokyo Station

The Marunouchi frontage building of Tokyo station has been renovated in 2012 and now the station has become one of the most photo worthy spots in Tokyo. If you are seeking to take great pictures of Tokyo Station, I can whisper you the 3 best photo spots! Read the article and get your camera ready!

1. Kitte

Just off the Marunouchi South Exit of Tokyo station, Kitte is a complex building with shops, restaurants and Tokyo Central post office. At 6th floor, there is a rooftop terrace called “Kitte Garden”, offering a great overlook view of the right side of the station.

2. Shin Marunouchi Building

Shin-Marunouchi Building is located in front of Tokyo station and has a terrace at 7th floor offering a great overlook view of the station with skyscrapers behind. The terrace is open for public from 11 am to 8 pm for free. (The terrace might close without notice due to bad weather)

3. Front (Gyoko Dori)

There is a street called “Gyoko Dori ( 行幸通り)” starting from right in front of the station building. This is the best place to shot the panoramic view of the wide Tokyo station from the ground. If you wish to extend your trip, continue the walk on this street lined with beautiful gingko trees to the Imperial Palace.


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