Totti Candy Factory : Fluffy Rainbow Cotton Candy in Harajuku!

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Totti Candy Factory

Cotton candy is sugary sweet, popular among all ages especially young kids. Generally, they serve you light pink or white color but let’s me introduce you the craziest cotton candy shop “Totti Candy Factory” which is located on Takeshita street, a heart of Harajuku area in Tokyo metropolitan.

In this shop, they serve gigantic cotton candy with colourful pastel colors which you can choose your favorite flavors and colors. Then the lovely cotton candy maker makes your order and you can watch them making it 🙂

The top-selling one is Harajuku special cotton candy in rainbow color(900 yen) with incredible 45 cm. size! In addition, you don’t need to worry about calories or fat! Even so it’s made from spun sugar and the rainbow special comes with very large size but it’s only 160 kilocalories.

During your trip in Japan, don’t miss to reach these Totti Candy Factory and treat yourself with the craziest special rainbow cotton candy!


Totti Candy Factory

Menu : Cotton Candy 300 yen / Three Color of Cotton Candy 600 yen / Heart Cotton Candy 650 yen / Harajuku Rainbow Cotton Candy 900 yen

Operation Hour : Daily 9:00~20:00

Address : 1–16–5 Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo 150–0001

Official Website :

Map :

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