Manseibashi: The Phantom Station of Tokyo

Manseibashi Station is the hidden gem near Akihabara, Tokyo!

Manseibashi Station (万世橋駅) is a station in Chiyoda ward, Tokyo which closed in 1943. It used to connect Kanda and Ochanomizu by JR Chuo line. The station took its name from the nearby bridge “Manseibashi” which connect Akihabara and Kanda and after 100 years, this red brick bridge building has renewed as a commercial facility called “mAAch ecute”.

mAAch ecute is located under the railway bridge between Akihabara and Kanda area. Numbers of shops and restaurants are located inside yet remaining its historical look with red brick interior. At those selected unique and cultural shops, visitors can enjoy shopping very original products and craft works. Temporary pop-up shops take places, too. There are several cafe and bars serving organic coffee, craft beer and fresh bakery. mAAch ecute is a true hidden gem for those seeking for peaceful and relax time in a heart of Tokyo by the canal.


4 mins walk from Akihabara station
6 mins walk from Kanda station
6 mins walk from Ochanomizu station


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