The Most Popular Japanese Dish : ‘SUSHI’ All You Can Eat !

‘SUSHI (すし, 寿司, 鮨)’ is food originally come from Japan. It’s made from cooked vinegar rice combined with various ingredients such as raw…

‘SUSHI (すし, 寿司, 鮨)’ is food originally come from Japan. It’s made from cooked vinegar rice combined with various ingredients such as raw fish, seafood or vegetables. In general, sushi is served with pickled ginger (Gari:ガリ), wasabi and soy sauce. There are many kinds of sushi divided by fillings, toppings, condiments and preparation such as nigirizushi(hand-pressed), makizushi(rolled), temaki(wrapped) etc.

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When we talk about Japanese, no one doubts that the first thing which comes up to many of us is ‘Sushi’. From the traditional Japan dish to world’s favourite, sushi is rising its global popularity and becoming one of global convenience food choices.

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Because sushi is the most famous Japanese food in abroad. So nowadays you can pretty much find sushi restaurant anywhere in the world. However, one of big problems is that sushi can be very expensive upon countries. But if you travel to Japan, I highly recommend you one of the best sushi restaurants where you can eat sushi as much as you want!

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Kagurazaka Sushi Academy is the restaurant where you can eat sushi-buffet, located in elegance neighborhood in central Tokyo. Kagurazaka area is known as one of the city’s oldest neighborhoods. There are still several fine Japanese cuisine restaurants, Geisha Okiya and tea houses in this area. So, if you wanna try all you can eat sushi under authentic Japanese atmosphere, don’t miss to check out Kagurazaka Sushi Academy!

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In general, if you go to exclusive sushi restaurants, they serve fresh and really good quality of ingredients but so expensive.. But if you go to Kagurakazaka Sushi Academy, they serve very fresh and good quality fish at inexpensive price which you can enjoy over 50 various of sushi dishes and over 20 side dishes 🙂

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Kagurazaka Sushi Academy

Address : 3–6–3 Kagurazaka, Shinjuku-ku Tokyo 162–0825

Tel : +81-3–6265–0047

Operation Hours : Monday~Friday lunch time, 11:30~15:30/dinner time, 17:00~22:00 / Sat~Sun and Holiday lunch time, 11:30~16:00/dinner time, 17:00~22:00

Cost : Adult 3,218yen/per person / Child 2,160yen/per person

Access : walking 5 minutes from JR/Sobu Line, lidabashi station, walking 6 minutes from Toei Oedo Line Ushigome-Kagurazaka station


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