Venus Fort Odaiba: Shop at the Medieval European Village in Tokyo!

Venus Fort: the European Renaissance themed shopping mall in Odaiba, Tokyo

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Venue Fort Odaiba is permanently closed

Visit Venus Fort a.k.a. “the Most Beautiful Shipping Mall in Japan”. It’s the European Renaissance themed shopping mall located in Odaiba district. Enjoy shopping like a European while you are in a heart of Tokyo!

Venus Fort Odaiba

Venus Fort is a part of “Palette Town” complex which includes Leisure Land (amusement park), Ferris Wheel, Zepp Tokyo (concert hall), Mega Web (Toyota motor amusement park). The whole complex is an ideal place to spend your day for playing, shopping and relaxing even when it’s raining as the most of facilities are indoor.

Venus Fort is a three-storied shopping mall with approx 190 shops including cafes and restaurants. Also there is an Outlet shops on 3rd floor. The interior of the mall is themed European Renaissance and the mall has a fountain in a center of the passage, a square with a church and remarkably a replica of “Bocca della Veritàwhich” (the Mouth of Truth)! Venus Fort surely makes you feel like shopping in an Italian shopping arcade.

Where is it??

Shop Info:

Address: 1–3–15 Aomi, Koto-ward, Tokyo

Nearest Station: 1 minute walk from Aomi station (Yurikamome line)

Search this word “Venus Fort Odaiba”on Google Map

Hours: 11:00 to 21:00 (shops)/11:00 to 23:00 (restaurants)

Free Wifi: Yes

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