TSUNAHACHI: Enjoy the Authentic Tempura in Shinjuku, Tokyo

Shinjuku Restaurant Guide-vol.7: Tempura Tsunahachi

Tempura is one of the most famous and popular dishes in Japan, which most of foreign tourists would have at least once in their lifetime. The Tempura restaurant, Tsunahachi would be one of the best places to enjoy authentic Tempura dishes at reasonable price. Tsunahachi (天ぷら 新宿つな八) is a long-established Tempura restaurant in Japan since 1924. Today, there are 30 Tsunahachi restaurants across Japan and their flagship store is located in Shinjuku area, Tokyo.

Tempura dishes served at Tsunahachi are the traditional Edo style and they are light and crispy, cooked in sesame oil at the perfect temperature to maximise the taste of ingredients. Comparing to many other finest Tempura restaurant, Tsunahachi offers quite reasonable rate, for example, the set meal is available from 1,500 yen during lunch time and from 2,500 yen for dinner. Vegetarian option is also available.

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Access: 3 mins walk from JR Shinjuku station, east exit

Hours: Daily 11:00~22:30

Budget: 2,000 JPY~4,000 JPY

Genre: Tempura

Website: http://www.tunahachi.co.jp/

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