Shibuya Restaurant Guide-vol.24: Kugatsu-do

Natural Ramen served at a stylish and clean cafe ;-)

Natural Ramen served at a stylish and clean cafe 😉

Most of Ramen restaurants are small and crowded, which you may feel slightly harsh, rather than slowly enjoying the meal. So if that’s your concern, Kugetsu-Do (九月堂) is a perfect place to enjoy Ramen for you. Kugetsu-Do is a cafe/dining style restaurant with a very clean and stylish interior unlike a Ramen restaurant. Kugetsu-Do’s served Ramen is cooked only with natural ingredients, and the sauce is soya sauce base with a blended stock of pork, chicken, fish and vegetable. The restaurant also serves a variety of traditional Japanese desserts. Try them after slurping a delicious Ramen 😉