Nogizaka46 Artworks Exhibition Opens at Sony Music Roppongi Museum

Nogizaka46 Exhibition offers 90,000 items at Sony Music Roppongi Museum

Good news for all fans of Nogizaka46 all over the world! The official exhibition of Nogizaka46 “NOGIZAKA46 ART WORKS -Almost Everything- (乃木坂46 Artworks だいたいぜんぶ展)” has just opened at Sony Music Roppongi Museum in Roppongi, Tokyo. The Nogizaka46 artworks exhibition offers about 90,000 items on display including unreleased artworks, pictures and costumes. There are also a themed store and cafe in the museum.

Sony Music Roppongi Museum

Sony Music Roppongi Museum just opens with the Nogizaka46 exhibition in this January following Snoopy Museum which closed last year. The new museum is open for a relatively longer time until the 12th May, so don’t miss the chance to touch the creative art of Nogizaka46.

This Nogizaka46 exhibition consists of four themes: CD Cover Arts, Music Videos, Costumes and Live Show Viewing. At the end of the exhibition, you can enjoy shopping limited items and eating special dishes at the museum shop and cafe.

I’m afraid but it’s prohibited to take a photo in most of the areas, so I really want you to visit and see the treasures by yourself.

Let’s go exploring the Nogizaka46’s world!

CD Cover Arts

First of all, the BGM of Nogizaka46 makes you more excited at the entrance even before entering the exhibition. And then, you are guided to a small room where an original movie for the exhibition is shown for 2–3 mins. The first section of the exhibition offers numerous CD cover artworks with pictures of the members. It’s also a valuable experience to see the process of the creative artworks’ designs on idea sketches. An enormous cover art of Girls’ Rule with swimming Mai Shiraishi is displayed at the end of this part.

Music Videos

Between the first and second sections, a unique space is set where you are surrounded by the members’ crying faces 360°. That consists of pictures and movies shot for the 8th single Kizuitara Kataomoi (気づいたら片想い).

The theme of the second part is Music Videos where you can see a great number of precious showpieces related to the Nogizaka46’s music videos such as storyboards, sketches and acting scripts. Additionally, there are real items used in their music videos: for example, the broken glasses of Nanase Nishino in Kaerimichi wa Tomawari Shitaku Naru (帰り道は遠回りしたくなる) and the suitcase in Mukuchi na Lion (無口なライオン).


Costume Section

Around 250 costumes are displayed at the third part of the exhibition. These costumes has been actually worn by the members on live concerts and TV shows.

Left: Costume of “Jikochu de Iko!”, Right: Costume of “Inochi wa Utsukushii”

Formation in “Ima, Hanashitai Dareka ga Iru”

Live Show Viewing

At the final part of the Nogizaka46 exhibition, you can enjoy watching a live show on a giant screen with Crystal LED Display, the cutting-edge technology of Sony. Synchronicity (シンクロニシティ) of the 6th Year Birthday Live were streaming on my visit.

▽Check out the official video of Synchronicity


The museum shop

One of the most popular sections in the museum among fans is the special shop. Tens of original items made for the exhibition are sold only at the shop. You can’t help buying too many goods from fashion items to stationeries… T-shirts, foodies, caps, smartphone cases, pens, notebooks, postcards, stickers, bicycles and so on. The T-shirts with the design by the members like Nanase Nishino and Marika Ito are especially popular.

Left: Poster (1,000 yen), Middle: “Influencer” Notebook (700 yen), Right: Large Storage Box (2,000 yen) ©Sony Music Entertainment Inc.

Left: T-shirts White (3,000 yen), Middle: T-shirts Black (3,000 yen), Right: Foodie Black (6,500 yen) ©Sony Music Entertainment Inc.

Left: T-shirt designed by Marika Ito (3,000 yen), Middle: T-shirt designed by Nanase Nishino (3,000 yen), Right: T-shirt designed by Yumi Wakatsuki(3,000 yen) ©Sony Music Entertainment Inc.

Left: Postcard (200 yen) , Middle: Smartphone Case (2,500 yen) , Right: “Hashire! Bicycle” Folding Bicycle (37,000 yen) ©Sony Music Entertainment Inc.


Saka Cafe ©Sony Music Entertainment Inc.

There is the Nogizaka46-themed cafe named “Saka Cafe (坂 CAFÉ)” out of the shop. The cafe serves a variety of menu from food, desserts and drinks related to Nogizaka46’s songs and members. You cannot experience the exclusive menu except there.

Left: “Romantic Ikayaki” (grilled squid) Food Plate (1,560 yen), Middle: “Karaage Shimai” (Fried Chicken Sisters) Food Plate (1,440 yen), Right: Popipappapa Pancake (1,250 yen) ©Sony Music Entertainment Inc.

Left: “Harujion ga Sakukoro” Tea Soda (850 yen), Middle: Manatsu’s “Zukkyun” Bubble Tea Purple Potato Latte (720 yen), Right: Sayuringo’s Princess Bubble Tea Apple (750 yen) ©Sony Music Entertainment Inc.


There are two types of the tickets for the Nogizaka46 artworks exhibition: a reserved ticket and an on-site one. The reserved tickets are available at Lawson convenience stores in Japan and Lawson’s ticket website. As long as the tickets are fully booked, you can buy the on-site tickets on the day you visit. The reserved one is a little cheaper.

Price (Reserved tickets): 1,800 yen (Adults and University students)/800 yen (Junior and Senior high school students)/400 yen (Elementary school students)/Free (Children under 6)

Price (On-site tickets): 2,000 yen (Adults and University students)/1,000 yen (Junior and Senior high school students)/600 yen (Elementary school students)/Free (Children under 6)

NOGIZAKA46 ART WORKS -Almost Everything- (乃木坂46 Artworks だいたいぜんぶ展)

Season: 11th January to 12th May, 2019

Time: 10:00~20:00 (Everyday)

Access: 7 mins walk from Roppongi Station (六本木駅)/10 mins walk from Azabu-juban Station (麻布十番駅)

Location: Sony Music Roppongi Museum


Official Website:

Finally, the long-awaited Nogizaka46 exhibition has opened in Tokyo! This is the one and only chance to explore the world of the legendary Japanese girl group deeper with creative artworks. If you visit Tokyo, don’t miss it!! For more info about Japanese pop culture, you might also like these articles below, too!

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