10 Best Airbnb in Kyoto

10 Best Cool and Trendy Airbnb in Kyoto

Looking for a place to stay in Kyoto?? Booking a hotel in Kyoto can sometimes be uneasy, as it tend to be fully booked on high season and the rates are pretty high. But try Airbnb before giving up! There are hundreds of accommodations available in Kyoto with various price range. From budget-friendly to deluxe, pick your favourite!

-Low Budget (~$50)

1. Expo Hostel Ori Room4, 500yen bike for your stay

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Clean, stylish and modern bed room located near the famous Kinkakuji Temple (the Golden Pavilion). Slightly distanced from Kyoto Station, yet it’s in a great area to explore local and hidden spots in the city.

-Maximum number of guests: 2
-Prices start around 40 dollars (4,200 yen) per night
-About 10 minutes walk from Horikawa-kuramaguchi Bus Stop

2. 月光荘#5 /moonlight guesthouse

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A friendly guesthouse renovated from an old and retro Japanese house, and an Izakaya located on the ground floor. Dormitory room available.

-Maximum number of guest: 1
-Prices start around 25 dollars (2,539 yen) per night
-About a 7-minute walk from Senbon-Kuramaguchi Bus Stop

3. 10min by bicycle to Arashiyama.free bike & Parking

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Great value for the price. Clean and cozy apartment located near Arashiyama area, Kyoto and within a walking distance to Saiho-ji Temple (Moss Temple) which was Apple founder Steve Jobs favourite place in Japan.

-Maximum number of guest: 4
-Prices start around 25 dollars (2,500 yen) per night
-About 8 minutes walk from Matsuo Taisha Station

4. 4ppl Garden view!Gorgeous house in Central Kyoto#2

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Spacious Japanese style bed room with the view of the traditional rock garden. The accommodation is located in the heart of Kyoto where you can easily access to many tourist sites.

-Maximum number of guests: 4
-Prices start around 30 dollars (3,000 yen) per night
-Short walk from Nijo Station

Mid-Range ($50~150)

5. Kyoto Guesthouse Bokuyado Japanese Room B

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A 70-year-old traditional Japanese wooden townhouse is located in the heart of the city, near Kyoto Station. It’s a great place to experience the authentic Japanese style accommodation.

-Maximum number of guests: 2
-Prices start around 65 dollars (6,800 yen) per night
-About 10 minutes walk from Gojo Station

6. Traditional Japanese-style Triple Room

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Over 100 years old, traditional Kyoto style wooden house with a beautiful Japanese garden. It’s located in Shijō-Karasuma area — the central business district in Kyoto.

-Maximum number of guests: 4
-Prices start around 80 dollars (8,500 yen) per night
-About 6 minutes walk from Karasuma Station

7. Super location best host free bikes

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Newly renovated apartment, located in a very convenient area in Kyoto. Easy to access numbers of tourist attractions. Free rental of 2 bicycles 🙂

-Maximum number of guests: 3
-Prices start around 100 dollars (9,800 yen) per night
-About a 7-minute walk from Kyoto Shiyakushomae Station

Luxury ($150~)

8. [Open‐Air Bath]One house for one group

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Excellent deal for a group to rent a whole house. Kyoto’s traditional Machiya house with open-air bath on the balcony. Great access to touristic sites.

-Maximum number of guests: 6
-Prices start around 200 dollars (19,950 yen) per night
-About a 2-minute walk from Sumizome Station

9. Machiya stay inside Chomyo temple, stay with Zen.W

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Stay in a traditional Machiya house in the site of historical temple. Gorgeous and clean house in Zen atmosphere, located near Gion area.

-Maximum number of guests: 4
-Prices start around 250 dollars (24,555 yen) per night
-About a 5-minute walk from Sanjo Station

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The hill-top traditional 76 year-old Japanese house with a beautiful stone garden with open-air bath. Located in a peaceful and quiet area, yet easy to access to tourist sites.

-Maximum number of guests: 6
-Prices start around 350 dollars (35,000 yen) per night
-A short walk from Kitashirakawa Bettocho Bus Stop

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