How to Get from Tokyo to Mt.Fuji

Find the cheaper and faster transportation to Mount Fuji!!

Find the cheaper and faster transportation to Mt.Fuji from Tokyo!!

Nobody doubts that Mt. Fuji is the most famous and popular sightseeing destination in Japan. You also know there are lots of things to do from climbing the mountain to taking breathtaking pictures. However, do you know which transportation is cheaper, faster and easier to Mt. Fuji from Tokyo?

This is the introduction of how to get to main destinations of Mt.Fuji area from Tokyo major stations and airports.

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Bus or Train?


Time: 2–2.5 hours

Fare: about 2,000–3,000JPY


Time: 3–3.5 hours

Fare: about 3,000JPY

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Bus is the best way to get to Mt.Fuji for you who will start from Tokyo. Bus is never beaten by any other transportation since it is much easier for foreign visitors, of course cheaper and faster. You can take it from Tokyo’s main train stations and airports just after arriving at Japan.

From Tokyo Station

Destinations: Fuji-Q Highland/Kawaguchiko Station/Mt. Fuji Station

Time: 2–2.5 hrs

Fare: JPY1,800

First: 6:20

Last: 21:20

Bus departs in from Tokyo Station Yaesu South Exit bus terminal in the morning and from Yaesu North Exit Tekko Building after noon. Long distance bus tickets can be purchased at the bus terminal in Tokyo Station Yaesu South Exit or online via bus company.

From Narita Airport

Destinations: Fuji-Q Highland/Mt. Fuji Station/Kawaguchiko Station

Time: 3–3.5hrs

Fare: JPY4,400

First: 10:35 (Terminal 2)/10:40 (Terminal 1)

Last: 13:35(Terminal2)/13:40 (Terminal 1)

Ticket Counter:

Please note that bus from Narita Airport departs just twice a day.

From Haneda Airport International Terminal

Destinations: Fuji-Q Highland/Kawaguchiko Station/Mt. Fuji Station

Time: 2.5–3hrs

Fare: JPY2,500

First: 6:55

Last: 14:40

Ticket Counter:


Bus departs from the bus terminal No. 7 of Haneda Airport International Terminal 4 times a day.

From Shinjuku Station Bus Terminal BUSTA

Destinations: 5th Station

*Fuji-Q Highland/Kawaguchiko Station (stop only in September)

Time: 2.5 hrs

Fare: JPY2,700/JPY1,750 (to Fuji-Q Highland/Kawaguchiko Station)

First: 6:45

Last: 19:25

Ticket Counter: 4th floor

Bus to My.Fuji area generally departs from the B Area on the 4th floor of BUSTA.

From Shibuya Mark City (near Shibuya Station)

Destinations: Fuji-Q Highland/Kawaguchiko Station

*Some buses stop at Mt. Fuji Station.

Time: 2 hrs

Fare: JPY1,800

First: 6:45

Last: 19:15

Bus departs from the 5th floor of Shibuya Mark City


I highly recommend to get to Mt.Fuji by bus, but if you would still like to choose train, it is possible. Take Chuo Line (中央線) at Tokyo Station, and change trains to Fujikyuko Line (富士急行線) at Otsuki Station. And then get off at Mt. Fuji Station, Fuji-Q Highland or Kawaguchiko Station.

Time: 3–3.5hrs

Fare: JPY2,700

First: 9:05/8:57(Weekend&Holiday)

Last: 19:46/19:48(Weekend&Holiday)

The time of first and last trains is for the case of above way. Other trains depart from Tokyo Station. For example, there are trains directly connecting to Mt.Fuji area which depart around 6 and 7 PM twice a day.

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What Should You Do around Mt.Fuji??

Firstly, you can enjoy climbing to the summit in season from 1st July to 31st August. The view of sunrise there will be much more radiant. Out of season, it is allowed to get halfway up Mt.Fuji to 5th Station. Moreover, walking around Fuji Five Lakes and taking pictures at the foot of the mountain should be top priority.

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There are too many things at Mt.Fuji to cover for a few days, so make a good plan before visiting the area!! These articles below might also help you!

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