Go to Travel Campaign | Which travel agency offer the BEST rate? Checked 6 Japanese Travel Agencies

The Go to Travel Campaign, created to support the Japanese tourism industry during the Covid-19 pandemic, was launched officially on July 22. Residents in Japan are eligible, except Tokyo for the moment, but you might wonder how to benefit from it.

We listed online travel agencies (OTA) that already created dedicated pages and from which you can directly book your trip. Please be aware that as this campaign targets mostly domestic tourism, no English page is available. If you encounter any issue to make a reservation, don’t hesitate to ask a Japanese friend to help you out.


Airtrip is currently the number one when it comes to domestic plane ticket sales in Japan. The company offers all you can expect from an online travel agency: reservations for bus, shinkansen, plane, car, hotels, ryokans, tours, and activities. Their Go to Travel Campaign page explains booking conditions and lists special offers.

Official page:


H.I.S. is another popular Japanese travel agency. They currently have 303 branches throughout the country. Their special Go to Travel Campaign page will have recommended tours based on popular destinations.

Official page:


Currently the largest travel agency in Japan and one of the largest in the world, JTB has, for the moment, launched a dedicated page explaining the conditions to benefit from the campaign. You will be able to book online or in one of their branches nationwide.

Official page:

Kinki Nippon Tourist

Kinki Nippon Tourist

Kinki Nippon Tourist is the 2nd largest travel agency in Japan. Kinki Nippon Tourist has one of the advantages that is able to discover regional tourism materials because Kinki Nippon Tourist’s consolidated subsidiaries are divided by region,  This makes it possible to realize sales of land-based travel products.

Official page:

Rakuten Travel

One of the largest online travel agencies in Japan, Rakuten Travel official campaign page was launched last week and features a tool that allows users to search for hotels or plane + accommodation packages.

Official page:



Jalan is a service that started out as a magazine and has many hot spring resorts listed among other OTAs in Japan. And it is used more for tourism purposes than business because Jalan has a lot of information on tourist attractions.

Official page

Go to Travel Campaign: Which OTA is the Best?

The Go to Travel Campaign has now kicked off, but where can you get the best offers? We compared 6 different Online Travel Agencies and came up with this list. When comparing prices, we assumed that the customer freely combined air ticket and hotel on each travel website.

First Scenario: Tokyo to Okinawa (2 nights, 3 days)

This first scenario is based on a 2 nights, 3 days trip from Tokyo to Okinawa on the dates of the 5 to 7 of October, for two people. The Apa Hotel, part of one of the most popular chains in Japan, was chosen by default. If not available an equivalent, Hotel Resonex, was selected.

Second Scenario: Tokyo to Hokkaido (2 nights, 3 days)

This second scenario is based on a 2 nights, 3 days trip from Tokyo to Hokkaido on the dates of the 18 to 20 August, for two people. The Apa Hotel was chosen by default. If not available an equivalent, Sunroute, was selected.

Third Scenario: Tokyo to Fukuoka (1 night, 2 days)

This third scenario is based on a 1 night, 2 days trip from Tokyo to Fukuoka on the dates of 7th to 8th of September, for two people. The Apa Hotel was chosen by default. If not available an equivalent, Toyo Hotel, was selected.

Features of the different websites

When comparing online travel agencies, price is obviously not everything. Convenience, options available are also key. As such, we also added a table comparing the different features available on each website.


Based on the scenarios above, and when it comes to the Go to Travel Campaign, it seems that Airtrip is the company that offers the most affordable packages. This might be explained by the fact that they launched Airtrip Plus last year, which allows you to have unique discounts when combining hotel and flights.

Still, for the Go to Travel Campaign, don’t hesitate to try comparing the different companies, and choose the one you feel the most comfortable with!

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