Detective Conan 30th Anniversary Cafe in Japan 2024

Detective Conan 30th Anniversary Cafe to Open at 6 Cities in Japan including Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and more!

The legendary Japanese manga series, Detective Conan a.k.a. Case Closed is a mystery manga written by Gosho Aoyama and serialized in Weekly Shonen Sunday since 1994. It’s one of the most successful manga series of all time, selling a total of 270 million copies worldwide and being adopted into TV anime series, animated films and video games, and it has been loved by people, from adults to children from all over the world.

2024 is a special year for Detective Conan and the fans as they celebrate the 30th anniversary of the series, and a special exhibition will be touring across Japan, which delves the legacy and charm of the manga series over the past decades.

More info ▶ Detective Conan 30th Anniversary Exhibition in Japan 2024

On top of that, Detective Conan 30th Anniversary Cafe will open for a limited time in 2024 summer at 6 cities across Japan, in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Sapporo and Sendai.


The cafe celebrates the anniversary year with the special menu with dishes, desserts and drinks inspired by scenes and characters from the Detective Conan series. At each venue, a range of cafe-exclusive merchandise will be sold, featuring original illustrations by Gosho Aoyama.

Visit the Detective Conan 30th Anniversary Cafe this summer, and look back on the 30 years of Detective Conan and share your memories while savoring delicious themed dishes!

Let’s have a look at exclusive food, drinks and cafe merchandise at Detective Conan 30th Anniversary Cafe 2024!

Food and Drink Menu

▲ left to right

30th Anniversary Chirashi Sushi 1,990 yen
Afternoon Tea Set 2,690 yen
Beika Aquarium Plate 1990 yen

▲ left to right

Portable Bento Box Fax Plate 1,890 yen
Café Poirot Ham Sandwich 1,590 yen

▲ left to right

30th Anniversary Cake 1,890 yen
Detective Boys Dessert Plate 1,790 yen
Iroha Sushi Plate 1,790 yen


▲ left to right

30th Anniversary Frozen Shake 1,390 yen
30th Anniversary Short Cake Drink 1,090 yen
Black Organization Jelly Drink 1,190 yen

Side Drink (Hot Coffee/Tea, Iced Coffee/Tea, Coke, Orange Juice, Ginger Ale) 690 yen

Cafe Merchandise

▲ left to right

Square Badge A 660 yen
Square Badge B 660 yen
Acrylic Keychain A 770 yen
Acrylic Keychain B 770 yen

▲ left to right

Glitter Sticker A 605 yen
Glitter Sticker B 605 yen
Wooden Magnet A 770 yen
Wooden Magnet B 770 yen

▲ left to right

Drawstring Bag 1,540 yen
Bandana 1,650 yen
Book-shape Keychain 1,320 yen
Autograph Board 1,650 yen
Acrylic Clock 3,850 yen
Mini Pouch with Candy 1,540 yen

In addition to the original cafe merchandise, Detective Conan 30th Anniversary Cafe will also offer special gifts to visitors:

-Customers who make pre-booking (715 yen per person) and order from the menu will receive one of original postcards chosen randomly from 10 designs.

-Customers who order from drink menu will receive one of original coasters chosen randomly from 30 designs.

-Customers who eat or drink at the cafe will receive a Detective Conan TCG Promotion Card. (available while stocks last)

-SNS Campaign: Customers who post a photo of the cafe interior or food and drink on X or Instagram with the hashtag #30th名探偵コナンカフェ #コナンカード will receive a Promotion Pack Vol.1 (5 designs in total), on a first-come, first-served basis.

-Detective Conan Cafe 2024

-Tokyo (Shinjuku)

Location: BOX cafe&space Shinjuku Mylord 7F
Date: 26 July to 23 September 2024

-Aichi (Nagoya)

Location: BOX cafe&space Global Gate Nagoya 1F
Date: 26 July to 23 September 2024

-Osaka (Umeda)

Location: BOX cafe&space HEP FIVE store 7F
Date: 26 July to 29 September 2024

-Fukuoka (Hakata)

Location: BOX cafe&space Hakata OIOI 3F
Date: 3 August to 8 September 2024

-Miyagi (Sendai)

Location: BALLER:S AEON Mall Shinrifu 2F
Date: 1 August to 1 September 2024

-Hokkaido (Sapporo)

Location: Cafe Interlude Coach & Four Shinkawa-Dori
Date: 26 July to 1 September 2024

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