“Despicable Me 3” Minions Cafes are Opening at 5 Major Cities in Japan This Summer!!

Celebrating the up-coming movie “Despicable Me 3” releasing in Japan on 21st July 2017, Minions pop-up cafes are opening across the country…

Celebrating the up-coming movie “Despicable Me 3” releasing in Japan on 21st July 2017, Minions pop-up cafes are opening across the country this summer!! Don’t miss the super cute limited food, beverage and items only available here in Japan!!!!

The movie “Despicable Me 3” is finally coming to Japan this summer! In the celebration of the movie, limited Minion Cafes are also coming to 5 major cities across Japan from north to south !!

「THE GUEST cafe&diner」located in PARCO department stores are opening limited Minion Cafes at their 5 branches in Tokyo, Fukuoka, Hokkaido, Osaka and Nagoya from 1st July to 12th September 2017.

There will be various Minion themed food, sweets and drinks (e.g. Minion’s Great Escape Curry/GRU&DRU twins hamburger/Minion Pudding/Banana snooze). Some of dishes and drinks come with original Minion tableware (cups, bowls, etc) which guests can take home 😀

Menu is slightly different at each cities!

© 2017 THE GUEST cafe & diner.

© 2017 THE GUEST cafe & diner.

Every guest gets an original luncheon mat upon a food order, and coaster upon a drink order 😉

Besides the cafe, there will be a shop selling over 100 kinds of limited Minions items including T-shirts, stationary goods, towels, mugs and more!

If you are visiting any of these cities in Japan during this period, don’t miss a chance to taste the cute Minion dishes&drinks and shop limited items sold only at these pop-up cafes limitedly!

© 2017 THE GUEST cafe & diner.

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Location: Ikebukuro PARCO 7F (map: https://goo.gl/p4RZMN)

Date: 1 July to 29 August


Location: Fukuoka PARCO 5F (map: https://goo.gl/RH4L9P)

Date: 1 July to 12 September


Location: Sapporo PARCO 4F (map: https://goo.gl/xHRcxQ)

Date: 7 July to 6 September


Location: Shinsaibashi 161 2F (map: https://goo.gl/NYq8Lj)

Date: 7 July to 10 September


Location: Nagoya PARCO 8F (map: https://goo.gl/k1pX35)

Date: 12 July to 3 September

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