Caretta Shiodome Winter Illumination 2018–2019

2018–2019 Tokyo Winter Illumination: Caretta Illumination 2018 -Disney MovieNEX Princess Illumination-

One of the most popular winter illumination events in Tokyo, Caretta Shiodome Winter Illumination will be held in 2018–2019 winter with the special theme of our favourite Disney movies: Frozen and Tangled!!

Caretta Shiodome (カレッタ汐留) is a complex building with numbers of shops, cafes, restaurants and cultural facilities. It’s very easy to access from Shimbashi, Ginza and Tsukiji area.

Every year, Caretta Shiodome attracts visitors by the gorgeous winter illumination event, and it’s one of the top illumination spots in Tokyo during winter. Last year, the theme of the illumination event at Caretta Shiodome was “Beauty and the Beast” by Disney. The spectacular illumination featured over 250,000 yellow and blue LED lights and the songs from the movie, and attracted over 500,000 people during the season.

In 2018–2019 winter, Caretta Shiodome Winter Illumination will be back with even bigger excitement, Caretta Illumination 2018 -Disney MovieNEX Princess Illumination-. This year, the event features two different illuminations with popular Disney movies, Frozen and Tangled. You may have seen both movies, and know that Anna and Rapunzel are two most beloved Disney princess 🙂 Two illuminations will be displayed alternately every week. The illuminations feature the light show presenting the world of Frozen and Tangled with about 250,000 LED lights and songs from each movie such as “Let It Go”. The show will be performed every 15 mins everyday.


In addition, there will be a special illumination shown only once a day at 5 pm as an opening act, which features “Incredibles 2”, the newly released 20th Disney/Pixar movie. While Disney MovieNEX Princess Illumination displays romantic and dreamy illuminations, the Incredibles 2 illumination offers a different atmosphere with fast and powerful theme.

While many illumination events in Tokyo end on Christmas day, Caretta Shiodome Winter Illumination is available from mid November until the Valentine’s Day next year. Don’t miss Caretta Illumination 2018 -Disney MovieNEX Princess Illumination- and see the most romantic winter illumination this year in Tokyo!

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Venue: Caretta Shiodome B2F Caretta Plaza

Access: short walk from Shiodome Station OR Shimbashi Station

Date: 15 November 2018 to 14 Feb 2019 (closed on 1&2 January 2019)

Hours: 17:00~23:00 (~31 Dec)/ 18:00~23:00 (3 January~)


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