Quick and Easy Makeup with Japanese Concealer, Foundation and more!

Must-Buy Multipurpose Makeup Products in Japan

Don’t you ever have such experiences?

After going out on weekend, it’s Monday and it’s the beginning of work …
“I can not get up and just want to stay in bed · · ·”
“I want to go to sleep for another 5 minutes · · ·”
When I’m having such a thing in my mind, time passes so quick and I rush myself to get ready for work.
And why does it feel like the time passes quicker in the morning.. don’t you agree??

Today, I’d like to introduce the useful multi-purpose Japanese makeup products which are recommended for those who don’t like getting up early and wish to save time on makeup routines in the morning. I’d be so happy if this article could be a help to save your precious time in the morning 🙂

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Base Makeup

1. La Roche-Posay UVIDEA XL Protection BB

Price: 3,672 yen

Copyright ©La Roche-Posay

La Roche-Posay UVIDEA XL Protection BB (ラ ロッシュ ポゼ UVイデア XL プロテクションBB) is a BB Cream which can be used as a primer or foundation, and has a great effect as sun protection (SPF50+/PA++++) and moisturizing. It provides a natural coverage and you can pretty much skip the base makeup if you use this BB cream on its own. La Roche-Posay’s cosmetics products are made with selected ingredients which are gentle on sensitive skin

2. IPSA Relaxed Day Foundation

Price: 4,320 yen

Copyright © IPSA CO.,Ltd.

IPSA Relaxed Day Foundation (イプサ リラックスデイ ファウンデイション) is a foundation made with skin-friendly ingredients and also contains the powder which prevent rough skin. This product works as a sun protection (SPF25 PA++), primer and foundation. It protects skin from eternal stress such as UV rays and dryness, and moisturize and leads to healthy skin.

3. 7 Bi No Garden/KOSE Nature Perfect Day Essence Gel UV

Price: 2,200 yen

Copyright: http://www.kose-nature-perfect.com/

7 Bi No Garden/KOSE Nature Perfect Day Essence Gel UV (7美のガーデン(セブンビノガーデン) ネイチャーパーフェクト デイ エッセンスジェル UV) is a cosmetics product to fulfill the wish of proactive women who spend busy days but want to shine at the same time. The Day Essence Gel UV is a morning all-in-one skin care/makeup gel which has 6 functions as a toner, serum, moisturizer, sunscreen, primer, and CC cream. This multipurpose beauty product will surely save your time in the morning , and also give your skin a special care.

4. MISSHA M Cushion Foundation

Price: 1,080 yen/1,620 yen

Copyright 2018 © MISSHA JAPAN INC.

MISSHA M Cushion Foundation (MISSHA(ミシャ) M クッション ファンデーション) is a cushion type foundation from the famous Korean beauty brand, MISSHA. This product can be found at drugstores in Japan or Korean cosmetics shops such as in Shin Okubo area, Tokyo. It’s very affordable, so it’s recommended for those who wish to try a cushion foundation for the first time. There are 3 types of cushion foundations available: Mat, Moisture and Pro-Cover. Out of three, the Pro-Cover has higher coverage than others. The good point of cushion foundation is that after you set your skin with basic skincare products, just put the foundation into the puff and apply it on your face by tapping in, so your hands won’t get dirty.

5. CANMAKE Marshmallow Finish Powder

Price: 940 yen

Copyright © CANMAKE

CANMAKE Marshmallow Finish Powder (キャンメイク マシュマロフィニッシュパウダー) is one of the most popular Japanese drugstore cosmetics products and has wonderful reviews from users. Apply the powder after liquid foundation to create soft and matte finish. The powder particles are pretty fine and light, and easy to apply. The powder gives extra coverage after foundation or BB cream, and makes skin look flawless.

6. ETVOS Mineral Concealer Palette

Price: 5,800 yen

Copyright(C) ETVOS.

ETVOS is a makeup brand based in Tokyo that produces mineral base makeup products which are gentle and light on skins and no required special cleansing. ETVOS Mineral Concealer Palette (エトヴォス ミネラルコンシーラーパレット) is a concealer palette with three shades of natural beige, orange beige and ochre beige. You can blend the colour to match your skin complexion and the parts you want to cover. The texture of the concealer is creamy and easy to spread.

7. Shiseido Spots Cover Foundation

Price: 1,296 yen

Copyright: https://www.shiseido.co.jp/

Shiseido Spots Cover Foundation (資生堂 スポッツカバー ファウンデイション) is one of the most popular concealer of all time in Japan. Take a tiny amount by your finger and tap it on the part you want to cover such as dark spots, acne, blemishes, etc. Then you will see the magical result that the concerned parts are completely hidden! I really love this product since it requires really small amount, has a great coverage and great value for money!

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8. IPSA Creative Concealer

Price: 3,780 yen

Copyright © IPSA CO.,Ltd.

IPSA Creative Concealer (イプサ クリエイティブコンシーラー) is a concealer palette with a set of three colours, just like the ETVOS concealer introduced above. But this one has one empty space in the palette where you can blend and create the colour to match your skin colour. The soft textured concealer is easy to spread, and offers a great coverage with a natural and translucent finish.

Point Makeup

9. Visee Riche Lip & Cheek Cream N

Price: 1,000 yen

Copyright © 2013–2018 KOSÉ Corporation.

Visee Riche Lip & Cheek Cream N (ヴィセ リシェ リップ&チーク クリーム N) is a renewal version that just went on sale on November 2018. I love the package with the cute flower motif. The multipurpose cream colour can be used as a blush or a lip colour, and it’s available with 10 different shades: Pink, Red, Orange, Brown and White bases, which are all easy on skin and appear naturally on any skin colour. Brown and White can be used for shading and highlighting. It gives natural shimmer finish as a blush and semi matte finish on lips.

10. SUGAO Souffle Feeling Cheek & Lip

Price: 1,000 yen

© ROHTO Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.

SUGAO Souffle Feeling Cheek & Lip (SUGAO スフレ感チーク&リップ) is available in three colours, and this is another useful multipurpose makeup product which can be used for cheeks and lips. As a blush, simply apply it with your finger on your cheeks and it instantly brightens up your face impression. The texture of the colour is soft and fluffy, and easy to blend into your skin. It leaves a soft and natural impression on your cheeks just like souffle. As it spread easily with a tiny amount, be careful not to overdone!

11. RMK Multi Crayon

Price: 3,240 yen


RMK Multi Crayon (RMKマルチクレヨン) is a super multipurpose makeup product that can surprisingly take 3 roles in 1: for eyes, cheeks and lips. As its name suggests, it is a crayon that can be used for multi purpose. 4 shades are available, and I have been using Mellow Pink (01). It has matte texture, and the colour is orange-brown-ish which is a trendy colour for autumn/winter this season. It can be used as an eyeshadow, blush and lip colour, that means that all the point makeup apart from eyebrow can be done with one stick! It also cut the effort of searching items in your makeup bag in busy morning 😉

12. CANMAKE Quick Lash Curler

Price: 680 yen

Copyright © CANMAKE

After lifting up eyelashes with a curler, I use this CANMAKE Quick Lash Curler (キャンメイク クイックラッシュカーラー ) for coating. This eyelash base is an excellent multipurpose makeup products that can be used as an eyelash primer, top coat and mascara, 3 functions in 1. The most remarkable thing about this products is the stability to keep eyelash curls although it’s pretty affordable. Once you make eyelashes curl and apply this primer on top, the curl will stay in shape for all day. I have used other eyelash primers in past, but usually they had white colour or fibers which came out sometimes when it got dry out. The product is available with 2 colours: the transparent type can be used as a clear mascara and the black one to create a bold look. The slim comb is easy to apply on eyelashes and leave them separated.

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13. deJavu Stay Natura P Powder Pencil Eyebrow

Price: 900 yen

Copyright © Imju Corporation.

deJavu Stay Natura P Powder Pencil Eyebrow (デジャヴュ ステイナチュラP パウダーペンシルアイブロウ) is a cosmetics product created with a fantastic idea like no others. This powder eyebrow pencil comes with thin oval shaped lead that allows you to draw both thin and bold lines. After drawing lines with an eyebrow pencil, I used to use a powder eyebrow to fill between brows to finish up. But this eyebrow pencil is a powdery texture and with the attached a screw brush, it’s very easy to shade the eyebrow and create natural look. It’s also waterproof.


Price: 540 yen

Copyright: https://www.cezanne.co.jp

There is no time to draw eyebrows with small details in a busy morning, right?? In a such situation, this CEZANNE FUTOSHIN Eyebrow ( セザンヌ 太芯アイブロウ) is a very useful makeup item. The pencil eyebrow comes with a thick and super soft 5 mm lead that allows you to create a natural eyebrows effortlessly. The texture of the lead is like a crayon. A slight technique might be required to master this pencil with a thick lead, however once you get used to it, it will save you a lot of time for drawing eyebrows every day!

15. Heavy Rotation Coloring Eyebrow

Price: 840 yen

©ISEHAN Co., Ltd.

Heavy Rotation Coloring Eyebrow (ヘビーローテーション カラーリングアイブロウ) is an eyebrow mascara which is available with 7 different shades. If you change your hair colour often, you can pick the colour which matches the hair colour. The colour development of the eyebrow is so good even on dark eyebrows. The compact-size technical brush makes easy to apply the mascara on brows without touching skin. The colour of eyebrows are the very important part on your face, especially by matching with hair colour can create much more natural impression. It’s water-, sweat-, sebum and rubbing-proof, and lasts for long time. I recommend to wipe the excess mascara off with a tissue before applying to prevent clumps.

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How did you enjoy the list?? I’m personally not very good at waking up early in the morning, so I often rely on these multipurpose makeup products to save my morning routines! Not only for saving time but they are all excellent makeup products that I generally want to recommend! How amazing if we can look good in a short time?? I’d be happy if this article could be a little help for busy girls to spend a delightful time in the morning!

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