Festive Splendor Amidst Tokyo's Skyline: Discover the Unique Christmas Market at Azabudai Hills

As Azabudai Hills transforms into a winter wonderland from December 9 to December 25, 2023, the enchanting “2023 Azabudai Hills Christmas Market” makes its debut. Hosted by Mori Building in the heart of Tokyo’s Minato Ward, this holiday market brings a magical celebration to life.

Azabudai Hills Christmas Market

Opened in November 2023, Azabudai Hills is not yet fully occupied by all vendors, with full occupation estimated by February 2024. The Christmas market unfolds within an architecturally stunning space designed by Shohei Shigematsu of the international architectural design group OMA. At the heart of the market stands a Christmas tree adorned with 20,000 LED lights and five types of luminous ornaments, surrounded by 17 vendor stalls located in the central greenery and in front of the Tower Plaza.。

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Highlights and Limited Products at Azabudai Hills Christmas Market

Azabudai Hills Christmas Market

This year’s market showcases exclusive items and menus not found elsewhere. Including the German-based Christmas specialty shop “Käthe Wohlfahrt” among its seven stores, the market is ready to enhance your Christmas spirit with festive decorations like trees and wreaths. Upon entering, you’ll find shops selling beautiful organic Christmas goods such as candles made from soy milk, commemorative mugs, and Christmas ornaments.

Käthe Wohlfahrt: German Christmas Specialty Shop

Käthe Wohlfahrt, the German Christmas specialty shop, also makes a special appearance this year. The festive season comes alive with vibrant decorations that add a splash of color and joy to your holidays. Dive into the world of unique and colorful crafts that capture the essence of Christmas, curated to brighten your celebrations.

Christmas Market Cuisine

In front of the Tower Plaza, ten food and beverage establishments await your taste buds. The “2023 Azabudai Hills Christmas Market” is not only a feast for the eyes but also for the palate. The market proudly presents a range of exquisite culinary delights. Ten food and drink vendors within Azabudai Hills, including the renowned “Hills House Dining33” and the health-conscious vegan cafe “8ablish,” offer an array of Christmas-exclusive products and menus. Whether you’re craving festive Christmas chicken, finely crafted beers, or exploring vegan options, there’s something to satisfy every palate.

You might even encounter Santa Claus while enjoying your meal!

Immerse in the Light of Azabudai Hills Christmas Market

As you wander through the “2023 Azabudai Hills Christmas Market,” let the warm glow of lights envelop you in a cozy embrace. The market becomes a beacon of warmth and joy, inviting visitors to partake in the special moments that make Christmas a time of heartfelt celebration.

Tokyo City View from the 33rd Floor of Mori JP Building

After visiting the Christmas market, take the elevator to the 33rd floor to enjoy the beautiful night view, which is free and not to be missed.

The view is also beautiful during the day, but shooting at night requires blocking the light due to brighter interiors. The view is particularly stunning on a clear day!

Azabudai Hills Christmas Market 2023

Location: Central Green, Azabudai Hills


Dates & Times: December 9 to December 25, 2023, from 11:00 to 21:00

Official Website: Azabudai Hills Christmas Market

This Christmas, come to the “2023 Azabudai Hills Christmas Market” for an unforgettable experience filled with seasonal joy and magic. The market eagerly awaits your arrival, ready to offer unique gifts, delectable food, and the annual festive atmosphere.

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