Ankokuji Temple: the Best Hidden Autumn Leaves Spot in Hyogo

Ankokuji Temple in Hyogo Offers the Most Picturesque Autumn Leaves Scenery

It’s like a painting, but you can actually see this breathtaking scenery in Japan during autumn! The hidden temple, Ankokuji Temple in Hyogo Prefecture is turning into bright red color of Dodan Tsutsuji (Azalea) trees and it’s definitely one of best scenery to capture!

This amazing view can be seen at Ankokuji Temple (安国寺) in Toyooka City, Hyogo Prefecture. The temple is best known for the Dodan Tsutsuji (Azalea) trees and it’s one of most popular autumn leaves viewing spots in the country.

The temple itself was founded at 1345. It’s a Zen Buddhist temple in a part of Haitokuji branch of Rinzai. In 1717, the temple was burnt down but re-constructed and it stands till now.

Today, the temple attracts most visitors during autumn, when the famous Dodan Tsutsuji are turning into bright red. The trees were planted over 100 years ago when the main hall of the temple was reconstructed back in 1904.

The view of the burning red trees from the main hall of the temple is absolutely breathtaking and looks just like a painting. Visitors are allowed to take pictures in turns without any obstacles right in front of the trees.

The best time to visit is usually mid November when the trees turn fully red, and during the peak season, the temple is estimated to hold a light-up event at night. (7th to 19th November: dusk till 19:00 pm)

In case you can not visit there for autumn leaves viewing, the temple is open for public through the year and it’s also recommended to visit during summer when the trees display their fresh green colours.


Access: 30 mins by car or taxi from JR Toyooka Station

Best time to visit: mid November

Hours: 8 am to 7 pm

Fee: 300 yen

How beautiful! Ankokuji Temple definitely offers one of most splendid autumn scenery in Japan, and if you are travelling around western Japan like Kyoto and Osaka this autumn, you should definitely visit the temple! More information in Hyogo Prefecture, I recommend you to read these articles below, too!

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