Adachi Museum of Art: the Most Beautiful Garden in Japan

Adachi Museum of Art is the best Japanese garden located in Shimane Prefecture

Meet the picturesque Japanese garden at Adachi Museum of Art! According to “Journal of Japanese Gardening”, the garden in Adachi Museum of Art has been winning the Best Japanese Garden title for the past over 10 years since 2003.

Adachi Museum of Art (足立美術館) is an art museum located in Yasugi city, Shimane prefecture. The museum was founded in 1970 by Zenko Adachi who was passionate about Japanese art and gardens. His huge collection of art works is mainly by Taikan Yokoyama who is one of the greatest Japanese art painters in the history from pre-World War II period.

As well as the great collection of Japanese art works, the museum is also widely known for its Japanese garden. The 16.5 ha picturesque garden was created by the founder Zenko Adachi himself with the belief of “the garden is also a picture”and he has devoted his late life to gardening until his death at 91 years-old. His garden is often described as “living Japanese painting” and past over 10 years, it was chosen as “the most beautiful Japanese garden” by Journal of Japanese Gardening, also listed as a three-stars site on Michelin green guide Japan. The garden has 6 different sections showing different feature on each season and can be only seen from the museum building.

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-Adachi Museum of Art (足立美術館)


Access: Free shuttle bus is available from JR Yasugi station (20 mins)

Hours: April to September 9:00 ~17:30 /October to March 9:00 ~17:30

Fee: 2,300 yen


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