5 Best Customized Drinks at Starbucks Coffee

Customize your own drinks at Starbucks in Japan!

Are you a Starbucks fan? It’s the largest coffee company in the world, and Japan is not an exception. You can easily find a Starbucks cafe in big cities in Japan. As well as regular and seasonal drinks, did you know you can also create your own drinks at Starbucks by ordering customized drinks?

As a big fan of Starbucks, I’d like to introduce my favourite customized drinks at Starbucks in Japan, which are not on the menu! From free add-on option to a bit rich topping, here are my 5 recommended customized drinks and how to order them at Starbucks Japan!

1. Matcha White Chocolate

How to customize:

Order Matcha Latte
+ Add extra Matcha powder (Free)
+ Change syrup to White Mocha (Free)
+ Change to all milk (Free)
+ Add whipped cream (+ 50 yen)

Total: 518 yen (tall size)

2. Marble Chocolate Cocoa

How to customize:

Order Hot Chocolate (Cocoa)
+ Add White Mocha syrup (50 yen)

Total: 496 yen (tall size)

3. Yuzu Citrus Tea with Hibiscus

How to customize:

Order Yuzu Citrus Tea
+ Change to Hibiscus Tea (Free)

Total: 464 yen (tall size)

4. Milo Frappuccino

How to customize:

Order Vanilla Frappuccino
+ Add chocolate chip (50 yen)
+ Add extra chocolate sauce (Free)
+ Add caramel syrup (50 yen)

Total: 658 yen (tall size)

5. Camomile Tea Latte

How to customize:

Order Camomile Tea Latte
+ Change to soya milk (50 yen)
+ Change to all milk (Free)
+ Ask for extra mlik form (Free)
+ Add honey (Free at condiment bar)
+Add cinnamon powder (Free at condiment bar)

Total: 507 yen (tall size)

So these are my 5 favourite customized drinks at Starbucks Japan! It’s very easy to arrange an ordinary drinks and make it to your very own one at Starbucks. So why not to try! For more articles about Japanese cafe culture, please check out these articles, too!

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