Still Sleeping at Hotels? Try These 10 Unique Airbnbs in Japan!

Airbnb market is getting bigger and bigger nowadays in worldwide and happening the same here in Japan. From budged to luxurious ones, there…

Airbnb market is getting bigger and bigger nowadays in worldwide and happening the same here in Japan. From budged to luxurious ones, there are plenty choice of Airbnb accommodations in all over Japan. If you are looking for something special or extraordinary place to stay to have unique experiences in Japan, one of those places must be perfect choice for you! Let’s take a look at 10 unique and stood out Airbnb accommodations in Japan!


1. Handmade Strawbale House

The handmade house located in Hokkaido’s countryside “Shari-gun” and it’s surrounded by potato fields which means it’s located pretty much in the middle of nowhere! The house interior is so pretty and it reminds us of Ghibli movies. It’s perfect place for someone looking for a natural life in a real countryside.

Address: Koshimizu city, Shari province, Hokkaido

2. Traditional Japanese School

The 93 years old Japanese traditional school has been renovated by fine architects and designers to reborn as an accommodation. If you are seeking for traditional yet still unique, it’s a perfect place and on top of it, it’s surrounded by the beautiful nature and forest!

Address: Ishinomaki, Miyagi prefecture

3. Pikachu Flat

As much as you love Pikachu, you may have wished that in one day, you will live in a house full of Pikachu.. So here is your dream house. The room is decorated with Pikachu and other Pokemon characters and even your Pikachu night wear is provided.

Address: Asakusa, Taito-ward, Tokyo

4. Modern Art Apartment

Part of a project called “Tokyo Bed and Art” which young modern artists design the room with their stylish arts and where you can actually purchase their works such as paints and furnitures.

Address: Toshima-ward, Tokyo

5. Stay with Sushi

Looking for extreme Sushi experience? Stay at the actual Sushi restaurant by the ocean where the host hold Sushi cooking class to guests. And of course, enjoy the fresh and yummy Sushi!

Address: Minamiboso-city, Chiba prefecture

6. Beach House

Sometimes in Japan, you may wish to be in the Mediterranean just for a couple of days.. Yes, go to Shimoda which has Japanese version of mediterranean sea and even a perfect accommodation.

Address: Kisami, Shimoda-city, Shizuoka prefecture

7. Reef Break Retreat

One of the most popular Airbnb accommodations in Japan. It’s located on a cliff with overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It’s a great resort to chill out by the sea and the beautiful garden and the place even has real onsen! The room is in a pretty yurt style.

Address: Isumi-city, Chiba prefecture

8. 100 years old Japanese House

Stay at the authentic Japanese house in countryside!The house is over 100 years old and still well-maintain their old Japanese style house till now. It’s surrounded by vegetable field and so peace and quiet promised. Enjoy the silence and the view of starry sky at night!

Address: Sagamihara, Kanagawa prefecture

9. Life without electricity

Why don’t we all sometimes forget about city fuss and go back to basic? Visit the place where is in the middle of the forest and no electricity supplied. But don’t worry, they do have water and solar power system so technically, there is electricity.

Address: Sakuho, Minamisaku-district, Nagano prefecture

10. Okinawa’s beach front house

Stay by the ocean and enjoy the Okinawa’s beautiful beach all for yourself! If you are travelling with family or a group, this is much better choice than staying in pricey hotels or villas.

Address: Chatan, Nakagami-district, Okinawa

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