YAYOI KUSAMA Exhibition: ALL ABOUT MY LOVE at Matsumoto Museum of Art

Yayoi Kusama’s special exhibition to be held at her hometown, Matsumoto City, Nagano in 2018 spring-summer

Looks like her art sensation will continue in Japan in 2018,

After opening her very own museum in Tokyo in late 2017, Yayoi Kusama has just announce her upcoming special exhibition to be held in Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture.

Matsumoto City is indeed the city where Yayoi Kusama was born and raised. She graduated the local high school, and after becoming a successful artist, her special exhibitions were held in the city several times in past.

In March 2018, she is making a great come back to her hometown with the special exhibition: ALL ABOUT MY LOVE which will be held at Matsumoto Museum of Art. Opened in 2002, Matsumoto Museum of Art is a 4 storied building which houses numbers of modern art pieces including Yayoi Kusama’s works such as “Visionary Flowers, 2002”.

The exhibition will be held from 3 March to 22 July 2018, and pre tickets are on sale from 22 January to 2 March.



Besides Yayoi Kusama’s art works, Matsumoto City is also a great city to explore. The city’s best attraction is Matsumoto Castle, one of greatest Japanese castles in the history, and its historical caste town in surrounded area. The city has also great access to Japan Alps including the popular hiking spot, Kamikochi where beautiful landscape can be enjoyed with unspoilted nature.

Looks like Nagano will be one of hottest destinations in Japan this spring and summer!


Map: https://goo.gl/xvSVmA

Access: 12 mins walk from Matsumoto Station

Date: 3 March to 22 July 2018 (Closed on Monday except for 30 April, 7 March, 16 July)

Hours: 9:00〜17:00 (~19:00 on Saturday)

Tickets: 1,200 yen

Special Exhibition: https://kusama2018.com/
Matsumoto Museum of Art: http://matsumoto-artmuse.jp/en/

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