7 Best Japan-Themed Souvenirs to Buy

Best-Buy Traditional and Authentic Japanese Souvenirs

If you want to show off to your friends that you have BEEN to Japan, you may need to give them souvenirs which strongly related to Japan.

What represents Japan to you?? The highest mountain Mt.Fuji? Or delicious seafood dish Sushi?? Here are items of Japanese icons which everyone instantly knows that they are brought from Japan! As well as getting high-tech electric products or trendy fashion items, why don’t you purchase something extremely cheesy Japanesy!

1. Mt. Fuji

Not only Japanese, even foreign visitors are crazy for Mt. Fuji! The beautifully shaped mountain covered with snow on top is definitely the most popular and recognised symbol of Japan. From tableware to chocolates, Japan makes everything in Mt.Fuji shape!

2. Maneki-Neko

A Japanese traditional doll, Beckoning cat (Maneki-Neko), is also known as “lucky cat”. It’s believed to bring luck to the owner and especially owned by merchants. You may find those cats shop’s front usually in Japan. They may bring luck to you even back home!

3. Daruma

Another Japanese traditional doll which brings us luck. Daruma has blank white eyes which are meant to filled by the owner when their goal or wish comes true. There are several types of regional Darumas in different parts of Japan.

4. Kabuki

Kabuki is a traditional Japanese dance-drama performance show known for its significant make-up and costumes. It’s strongly limited to play ONLY by men! Long history of Kabuki started in 15 centuries and remains till now! My recommendation would be KABUKI SHEET MASK which can transform your face to a KABUKI actor while treating your skin.

5. Sumo

The Japanese sports which has the longest history of over 1,500 years! Sumo is Japanese traditional wrestling which is two massive guys push each others towards outside of the circle ring and professionally played only by men. Considerably there are 82 winning techniques in sumo rules so it’s not all about power which makes it much more exciting to watch!

6. Sushi

The dish to represent Japan. Sushi is not only for eating but many related items are sold here in Japan! As well as sushi shaped items , there are gastronomy books of sushi including one by the famous sushi master Jiro Ono. If you love eating sushi, you may enjoy reading his quest for perfection of sushi.

7. Kokeshi

Kokeshi is a traditional doll from northern Japan. It’s like a Matryoshka doll in Japanese ver! They are usually hand made from wood. Did you know that kokeshi dolls have been used as an inspiration to the style of Nintendo’s “Wii” gaming console’s digital avatars “Mii”!

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