Toakari: Kyoto Style Okonomiyaki in Shibuya

Have you tried Okonomiyaki?? It’s a Teppanyaki (pan-fried) dish made with blended batter, cabbage and additional toppings such as pork, beef, squid and shrimp, and looks like pancake or pizza. Okonomiyaki is especially known as the signature local food from western part of Japan such as Osaka and Hiroshima, but it’s hugely common all over Japan. In Tokyo, there are tons of Teppanyaki restaurants serving delicious and quality Okonomiyaki with the authentic taste of Western Japan.

While two mainstream of Okonomiyaki restaurants in Japan are Osaka and Hiroshima styles (The main difference between these two is that Hiroshima style Okonomiyaki is served with noodles), there are a few unique Okonomiyaki restaurants in Tokyo where you can taste the Kyoto style Okonomiyaki.

Toakari (ト灯) is a popular Teppanyaki restaurant located in Aoyama area, the quiet and elegant neighbourhood near Shibuya Station. Delicious and high quality Okonomiyaki and other Teppanyaki dishes are served with selected ingredients including Wagyu Beef and fresh seafood at reasonable price.

The signature dish of Toakari is the Kyoto style Okonomiyaki served with a lot of Kujo Negi (green onion) which is traditionally produced in Kyoto Prefecture and has soft and juicy texture with sweet taste. The restaurant also offers a large selection of alcohol beverages from all over Japan including Sake, whisky, wine, craft beer, etc. There are 27 seats in total including 7 at the counter where you can watch Okonomiyaki dishes are being cook right in front.


Access: mins walk from JR Shibuya Station

Hours: 18:00~1:30 am (Mon-Fri), 18:00~23:30 (Sat)

Closed: Sunday and Holidays

Budget: 3,000 yen~4,000

Genre: Okonomiyaki, Teppanyaki, Izakaya

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