Gioji Temple: The Greenest Temple in Kyoto

Gioji Temple: The tiny temple in Arashiyama, Kyoto with the gorgeous moss garden

One of the most pleasant places in Kyoto. Check out the hidden scenic temple in Arashiyama area!

Gioji Temple (祇王寺) is one of the most popular temples in Arashiyama area in Kyoto city, approx 25 mins away from Daikakuji Temple and 15 mins walk from Jojakkoji Temple. The temple is best known for its stunning moss garden and its scenic view.

The thick moss covers the site in green beautifully and with surrounded trees, they turn the temple to the most pleasant and greenest place on the planet. The main hall of the temple has thatched-roofs with a round window called “Yoshino-mado”, offering great view of the garden.

Because Arashiyama area is much richer in nature than central area of Kyoto city, there are more historic sights offering great scenery with beautiful nature, such as Enri-an Temple and Saihoji Temple.

The temple is recommended to visit all year around. While the amazing scenery of temples in green can be enjoyed during spring and summer time, Gioji Temple is also spectacular in autumn when the maple trees are turning into red, offering a beautiful contrast of red leaves and green moss.


Access: 20 mins walk from Arashiyama station OR Saga Arashiyama station

Hours: 9:00~17:00

Fee: 300 yen (500 yen for combination ticket with Daikakuji Temple)

Official Website:

How did you like the temple?? It’s actually one of most underrated temples in the area, and not overcrowded like other popular sites! For more useful information&interesting places in Kyoto, check these articles below 🙂

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