ASUKA: Pork Rib Dandan Noodle in Shibuya

Asuka (亜寿加) : Chinese Sichuan style Ramen restaurant in Shibuya

Love spicy? Wanna try delicious Chinese style Ramen?? Asuka (亜寿加) is a Chinese Sichuan style Ramen restaurants located only 2 mins away from Shibuya Station. Their two significant/most popular dishes are Dandan Noodle (Tantan Men in Japanese), which is a traditional Sichuan noodle served with spicy chili sauce, and Deep Fried Pork Ribs (Paikuu in Japanese). Both can be served together as the dish called “Paikuu Tantan Men” (pork rib on top of noodle) or separately, as you like 😉


Access: 2 mins walk from JR Shibuya station East exit

Hours: 11:00~21:30 (Weekdays)/11:00~20:00 (Saturday)/Closed on Sunday&Holiday

Budget: Less than 1,000 yen

Genre: Ramen

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