Minowa Red Soba Flower Field

Minowa Aka Soba no Sato (Red Buckwheat Flower Village) in Nagano is a beautiful and rare travel destination in Japan for autumn!

Looking for a great autumn travel destination?? Aka Soba no Sato (Red Buckwheat Soba Village “赤そばの里”) is definitely one of the best places! The charming red buckwheat flowers create the stunning red ruby carpet on the vast field!

One of the most spectacular scenery in autumn! Minowa Aka Soba no Sato (Red Buckwheat Flower Village “赤そばの里”) is an unique and rare place featuring red buckwheat flowers covering the vast field. It’s located in Minowa Town, Ina District, which is the central part of Nagano Prefecture, approx 100 km away from Nagano Station and 50 km from Matsumoto Station.

The field is 4.2 ha large and located at 900 m above sea level on the foot of the Kiso mountains. The stunning view of the vivid red carpet of buckwheat flowers can be enjoyed with the glorious view of the mountain range on its background.

The best time to view the spectacular ruby red carpet of red buckwheat flowers is from late September to early October usually. During the season, there will be a market selling local products, food and you’ll get a chance to eat delicious and rare red Soba noodles at some of local soba restaurants.

The opening event is held on mid September usually, and the Red Soba Flower Festival is held for 2 days on the last weekend of September featuring more special events, local shops and cooking demonstration of fresh Soba.

If you are travelling in Japan in autumn, and seeking for unique and spectacular autumn scenery rather than maple trees, this is one of the best spots to visit! Don’t miss the Minowa Aka Soba no Sato (Red Buckwheat Flower Village) this autumn!

-Minowa Aka Soba no Sato (Red Buckwheat Flower Village)

Map: http://bit.ly/2nPiLsu

Access: 10 mins by taxi from Ina Matsushima Station

Date: mid September to mid October

Fee: Free

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