YORONIKU: Best Wagyu Beef Yakiniku in Tokyo

YORONIKU: Best Wagyu Yakiniku (BBQ) and Wagyu Sushi Restaurant in Tokyo

Yoroniku (よろにく), well known as one of delicious Yakiniku (BBQ Beef) restaurants in Japan. This restaurant is located in Minami Aoyama area in Tokyo where is nearby Shibuya, you can easily find and access there.
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They provide various kinds of extremely high quality Wagyu beef that you can enjoy, I highly recommend you to try tasting “Silky beef (シルクロース)” the best one for meat lovers as you 🙂 Maybe the price is more expensive than other BBQ restaurants but it is worthy to try once in lifetime! along with Yakiniku dishes, they also serve Wagyu meat Sushi, which was apparently invented in this restaurant originally!

Yoroniku is one of the most popular Yakiniku restaurants in Tokyo, and making a reservation in advance is a must if you wish to dine there!

<<Reservation for Yakiniku (BBQ Beef) at Yoroniku in Tokyo!>>


Address: Runarossa B1F, 6–6–22 Minami Aoyama, Minato, Tokyo

How to access: From Tokyo Metro, Omotesando station walking approx. 10 mins

Hours: Mon~Fri 18:00~24:00 / Sat 17:00~24:00 / Sun, Holiday 17:00~24:00

Budget: 10,000 yen~

Genre: Sushi, Yakiniku

<<Reservation for Yakiniku (BBQ Beef) at Yoroniku in Tokyo!>>

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