Kingdom Hearts Event “Tower of Radiance and Shadow” Starts at Tokyo Skytree

Kingdom Hearts 3 special event in Tokyo

Finally Kingdom Hearts 3 will be released on 25th January, 2019 in Japan and around the world. Ahead of the long-awaited game’s release, the Kingdom Hearts special event “Tower of Radiance and Shadow” has just started at Tokyo Skytree, Tokyo. There are numerous attractions related to Kingdom Hearts series from model Keyblades to a special movie projected on the 360-degree window glasses in the sky.

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Kingdom Hearts event “Tower of Radiance and Shadow” is held at Tokyo Skytree in commemoration of Kingdom Hearts 3’s release. Tokyo Skytree, the Tokyo’s new symbol, is the highest building in Tokyo with the height of 634 meters (2,080 ft). The highest building with the Sky Galleria is the best partner to collaborate with Kingdom Hearts.

The Kingdom Hearts 3’s release and this special event are amazing news for fans all over the world since they have waited the new story for about 14 years since Kingdom Hearts 2 was launched in 2005. Let’s enjoy the world of Kingdom Hearts before playing Kingdom Hearts 3. This event Tower of Radiance and Shadow is open from 8th January to 5th March, 2019. No extra fee is charged for the event except the admission fee to the sky deck of Kingdom Hearts.

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1. Going up though the sky galleria like Sora

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The building inside between Floor 350 and 450 is decorated with the theme of Kingdom Hearts and its characters including wall arts and photo spots. You can enjoy the world of the past Kingdom Hearts series on the way to the top of the galleria. After unlocking the door of Radiance and Shadow by your hand with the Keyblade, there are special items and drawings exhibited on the top of the tower.

2. Kingdom Hearts Premium Theater

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What’s the most notable in this event is Kingdom Hearts Premium Theater where the exclusive movie is projected on the gigantic screens reaching 110 meters wide on window glasses covered around the tower on Floor 350 at night. The story proceeds from Kingdom Hearts 1 against the spectacular night views of Tokyo.

Screen Time Table

1/8: 19:30/20:15/21:00

1/9–31: 18:00/18:45/19:30/20:15/21:00

2/1–28: 18:30/19:15/20:00/20:45

3/1–5: 18:45/19:30/20:15/21:00

3. Kingdom Hearts Themed Items

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There is the special shop on the Floor 450 which offers a variety of Kingdom Hearts items such as badge buttons, key chains, mugs and so on. You cannot get them except the shop of Tokyo Skytree. Don’t forget to get the adorable sticker on shopping for more than 1,500 yen.

4. Stamp Rally

©Disney. ©Disney/Pixar. Developed by SQUARE ENIX ©TOKYO-SKYTREE

Stamp Rally is a unique Japanese culture, and you collect stamps on the stamp board going around some stamp spots. There are five Kingdom Hearts stamp spots in the tower. Get the exclusive pair of post cards with the design of Sora and Riku to complete your stamp board.

You will need to queue for going up to the deck and galleria of Tokyo Skytree with a normal ticket, however, you can skip the line with the Skip The Line Reserved Ticket.

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Tower of Radiance and Shadow

Season: 8th January to 3rd March, 2019

Location: Tokyo Skytree


For those who cannot wait until Kingdom Hearts 3 is released or want to experience the Kingdom Hearts world after playing the new title, you shouldn’t miss the chance to join the event. For more info about Tokyo, you might also like these articles below!

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