Go with the Flow: Tokyo Sumida River Kayaking

Every great city has iconic river.. isn’t it? Same here in Tokyo, Sumida river is Tokyo’s longest river across the east side of the city…

Every great city has iconic river.. isn’t it? Same here in Tokyo, Sumida river is Tokyo’s longest river across the east side of the city and many tourist attractions are located along the river. Nowadays, cruising on Sumida river has became one of the most popular ways to sight-see the city but if you wanna take it to the next level, try this water activity while you explore the city! I’m going to introduce the COOLEST water activity in the city which you should try while you are in Tokyo!


Who said kayaking is only to do in nature? It’s the outstanding way to explore the river side districts of Tokyo with your own flow. The great thing about kayaking is that it can be played all year around. The view from the river can not be beaten by any ordinary touristic routes!

If you are planning to kayak, book in ahead. Tour shops offer you a guided tour and provide rental kayak, paddle and life jacket.

Most popular “golden route” is kayaking towards Tokyo Sky Tree on Sumida river. Some of shops offer “sunset tour”,too!

Let’s check out where you can have this most amazing experience in Tokyo! Following 3 companies offer great kayaking tours on Sumida river with professional guides.

=Tokyo Great Kayaking Tour=

An English guided kayaking tour company in Tokyo. All guides are professional and experienced kayak riders. Check their FB page for the irregular schedule.


Address: 1–3–2, Shinkawa, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Rates: 6,000JPY~(2 hours guided tour)


Offering many kinds of outdoor sports activities such as kayaking, SUP, hiking in/around Tokyo. Kayaking tours are operated both day and night. English guides available on some days. Check the schedule their website!

Address: 2-1-39, Kitakatsushika, Edogawa-ward, Tokyo

Rates: 3,500 JPY(1 hour guided tour) ~

=Paddle Quest=

A water sports facitities shop near Oshiage station. Apart from the regular operation of the shop, they offer tours and lesson classes on every weekends. Check the schedule on their website.

Address: 4–6–11 Narihira, Sumida-ward, Tokyo

Closed: Tuesdays&Wednesdays

Rates: 5,400 yen (2.5 hours lesson)~

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